Chris Evans is returning to Virgin Radio for Breakfast

Chris Evans is returning to the Virgin Radio brand after announcing he’s leaving BBC Radio 2 before the end of the year.

Speaking about his new appointment, Chris said: “In many ways Virgin Radio is my spiritual home. I see nothing but exciting and groundbreaking opportunities ahead. In a medium that is changing so quickly on a daily basis, the potential for growth is unprecedented. Our plan is: to give it all we’ve got, see where we can get to and have the most possible fun along the way. It makes me smile every time I think about it.”

Scott Taunton, CEO of Wireless, said: “We are beyond thrilled that Chris has chosen to come back to Virgin Radio. He is the biggest name in radio and is synonymous with the brand. He has the most exciting Breakfast Show in the industry and has an energy that captivates audiences.

“This is a transformational moment for Virgin Radio since it relaunched two years ago. It is the next stage of our radio revolution, giving us a world-class presenter and a nationally recognised breakfast show that will drive audience growth for the station, across DAB, our app and all forms of connected listening.”

He previously hosted the breakfast show on Virgin Radio from 1997-2001.

Virgin currently has 413,000 listeners compared with BBC Radio 2’s 15 million – and the Wireless-owned station is only available on digital radio.

Chris announced on-air this morning that he is leaving BBC Radio 2 after 13 years, and eight years on breakfast.

He replaced Terry Wogan in January 2010 and his last show at the Beeb will be December 21st 2018.

Here’s Virgin Radio announcing the news at 10am:

And here’s the announcement from 8.10am today:

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  1. John Bennett says

    Does that mean That Chris Evans supports R Branson in his Brexit Re- moaners Group

    1. Jonny Wood says

      Pretty sure Virgin is owned by racist Rupert Murdoch isn’t it?

    2. Paul says

      Who cares!

    3. Neale says

      There’s nothing worse than brexiteers banging on about brexit all the time.!! You surely can’t be afraid that Chris is going to thwart ‘the will of the people’ (cough)

  2. Craig Strong says

    Nice that he has the option to go back to a station.

    Far more than everyone lose in Radio.

  3. MARK LEVY says

    Utter madness, history repeating itself, next thing you know he’ll want to buy Virgin again and he’ll run it into the ground. Keep this man away, he’s dangerous!

    1. Morr Al says

      If nothing else it should boost the sales of DAB radio’s to well over 50%.

  4. David Green says

    Chris Evans on Virgin Radio. Well, I never! At least he didn’t go to United DJs.

    I think this is good news for Virgin, it’s nowhere near as big as Absolute, when *it* was Virgin, so I predict good things for the station now. I’m certainly more likely to listen…

    And so what if he wants to buy it?

    1. mb23 says

      I don’t think Murdoch will sell it to him.

  5. Stephen barnes says

    I think this scuppers any hope of a russ and jono reunion on virgin. They’re not best of friends with Chris.

    1. John says

      Thank ye gods, can’t stand Russ Williams at all, used to turn off Absolute during lunch to avoid his ranting and rambling, very glad when Leona Graham took over….

  6. Pete n says

    That’s good keep him there bolted down for good . Radio 2 used to be good until that IDIOT SHOWED UP let’s hope it can be recovered

  7. simon Cole says

    I think we all know the replacement will be a female as the breakfast show has had an all male run so far.

  8. Joe Smith says

    Even more excellent news. You can’t get Virgin Radio on an actual radio so no danger of catching him by mistake!

  9. Owen says

    A bit of backwards step for Chris, who is obviously only going for the money and the relationship with Murdoch, but it shows the ambition of News Corp for their Wireless assets. Nevertheless, as the Chris Moyles/Radio X experiment has demonstrated, it might not be entirely massive for either party. And of course it is not even the same Virgin Radio he used to be with.

  10. Alan Morrison says

    If nothing else it should boost the sales of DAB radio’s

    1. Willie Bone says

      Alan, I honestly believe DAB/DAB+ will be superseded by 5G technology in the 2020s! Even from a broadcaster’s perspective, why pay for an audio only transmission network, when it can be carried on (soon to exist) 5G infrastructure, shared with other services?
      I now live in an area of Dumfries & Galloway where tuning to existing 4G is a near must for a great variety of choice of digital radio! The obvious downside to current 4G is using modest personal data allowance to listen to digital radio, but it is well worth it when DAB choice is limited!
      The cottage where I live, required a wireless broadband solution for internet services because my home is sited too far away for fibre optic services! Even so, most of my radio listening in home or the car is received over 4G. I can now jump into my car and listen to a digital version of Radio Tirana’s English service from Albania! Digital radio at its best..

  11. Stephen says

    Chris is very much a marmite kind of guy and I have never liked him on the breakfast show.He may well be leaving to go on to what he perceives as an exciting new venture but I find it quite baffling.You are on the the most popular station in the country on their flagship breakfast show with up to 15 million listeners to go to a digital only station which currently has less than half a million listeners!! (I think I am right in saying that Virgin on DAB is not even in stereo from listening in the car!)



    1. Joe Smith says

      Good old Chris Smith. Whoever he is!

  13. Radio Geordie says

    Just think of all the money the BBC can save by not paying him £1.6million a year, just by giving the gig to a woman who would do the job for considerably less. Especially given that the BBC are desperate to pander to the P.C. brigade.

    By the way, I think its going to be Claudia Winkleman that’ll get it given that she’s one of the highest paid women.

    1. Joe Smith says

      God help us if you are right.

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