Offensive language complaint for Tudno FM

Ofcom has received a complaint about offensive language in a song played on Tudno FM in Llandudno.

The community radio station played the song I like It by Cardi B which included one use of the word “niggers”, one use of the word “shit” and a total of five uses of the words “bitch” and “bitches”.

Tudno FM blamed the incident on an “ex-volunteer…who is determined to cause trouble for Tudno FM”.

The station confirmed that the language used in the track was offensive and was not appropriate for broadcast during the day. It said that the track “was not and is not part of Tudno FM’s playlist” and told Ofcom that it had “come to the conclusion that the record was played out without [its] authorisation at a time when there was no presenter in the studio”.

As a result of this incident, the Licensee told Ofcom it had improved the security of its studio by installing CCTV and implementing “limited access passwords and hardware security”. It said that it had started “more stringent vetting” for volunteers and had “made other volunteers aware of the intentions” of the ex-volunteer. It also said it was planning to relocate its studio by the end of January 2019.

Ofcom put the station in breach, saying, “In this case, the four-minute song included seven uses of offensive language broadcast at 14:08 on a Tuesday during the Summer school holidays. We considered this constituted frequent use of offensive language at a time when it was particularly likely that children would be listening.”

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  1. Alan Hall says

    This is the second community radio station to have complaints of offensive language today. The other station is Sunny Govan Radio in Glasgow.

  2. Pat says

    I doubt if anyone was listening apart from the person that complained.The whole things sounds totally bizarre including the response from Ofcom.

  3. Joe Smith says

    Why play garbage music from a so-called “artist” like this in the first place?

  4. Dan Dean says

    This station is just a complete shambles. Why the heck are they allowed to broadcast when they are so inept is beyond belief. It is another example of why Community radio is a disaster and simply a plaything for wannabe or never be broadcasters, nice idea and done professionally could be an important part of what it was set out to do, be a Community voice, but instead has been taken over by people playing at being Radio One or Capitol presenters but are not good enough, who don’t want anyone with experience on board because it would rain on their shallow talentless parade.

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