Simon Mayo confirms he has a new radio show

After his departure from BBC Radio 2, Simon Mayo has confirmed in a tweet that he’ll be announcing a new show in January.

Simon did his final Radio 2 Drivetime show yesterday. He’s been on the slot for the last 8 years, and has had a daily BBC network radio show for the last 31 years.

It was announced in October that he would be leaving Radio 2, though will continue to co-host 5 live’s Friday afternoon film review show with Mark Kermode.

Jo is moving back to evenings on Radio 2 as Sara Cox takes over the drivetime show from January.

Posting on Twitter, Mayo said: “An ex-Radio 2 host writes… So thank you all for all the wonderful comments here. Quite moved by it all. I’ve done a daily national BBC show for 31 years solid so this might take a while to adjust to…anyway the new radio show will be announced in January. It will be startling.”

A report in The Sun previously suggested he could be heading to Smooth Radio, though nothing has been confirmed by Global. We’ll bring you the confirmed news when we get it in the New Year.

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  1. Len Groat says

    !!! So much for the BBC Radio 2 ‘suits’ attempting to do a ‘cover-up’ over this (and the breakfast show mess) to save their own a***s !!!

    SURELY a few (BBC) heads should roll after this debacle of appalling changes the listeners told them were wrong!?

  2. Nicholas Swevels says

    So radio 2 have gone from one extreme to the other .. very best to dismal.. predominantly male presenters to overwhelming female .. from the demented twittering Vanessa to the overwhelming droll Jo Whiley .. now to add two more scary scatter brained female Zoe Ball and Sara Cox … God help us .. heads should roll upstairs!! Back to local radio for me .

    1. Dave says

      Bye then.

    2. Owen Sherratt says

      Think Sara Cox is a great acquisition and would have loved to see here hosting breakfast and I know jo Whiley might not be to everyone’s taste she’s very good at what she does and is very knowledgeable and probably more suited to evenings Simon mayo has been a constant maybe what some people call a safe pair of hands but his contribution over the years has been phenomenal and wish him well in all he does

    3. Stuart says

      3 a day is ‘overwhelming’? Pull yourself together, it’s almost as if you think there’s something wrong with having female presenters

    4. D Hobbs says

      I totally agree with that comment, let’s all get those heads rolling, the sooner the better.

  3. Spencer Payne says

    Sorry, another radio dinosaur (like Steve Wright) that needs to retire

    1. Rob says

      I think the next one out the door should be Ken Bruce.

      1. PAUL LOUGHLIN says

        No sir!! Ken Bruce is a wonderful broadcaster. His show is funny. Positive and he plays great tunes. He is a high standard proper DJ (maybe the last of them) I think he’s still got many great years on the air

        1. Mike says

          Wonderful must be code for has been. Fresh legs needed but give the blokes a chance!
          PS: has Jeremy Vine turned into David Icke?

        2. Mark Reginald Aimes says

          I second that. Ken Bruce is a BRILLIANT, and Propped DJ. As is Sara Cox. She is fantastic too, and should have been given the breakfast show.

        3. David Strivens says

          Totally agree! Ken is genius!

      2. glen Mcivor says

        Your joking ken Bruce is a legend

      3. Joe Smith says

        Ken Bruce is the one and only reason to listen to Radio 2 during the day. His chat with Tabloid Vine around 11.30 each morning where he highlights the utter drivel that is to follow him in such a way that old Tabloid doesn’t even realise is regularly hilarious.

    2. Mark Reginald Aimes says

      I agree with this comment. Steve Wright is very annoying, as, he has the very bad habit of either cutting out decent records, or talking over them. And yet the crap records, such as Ed Sheeran, or Sam Smith, who neither could sing a note, he will play to the very end without interruption.

    3. Mr Damon Reader says

      Steve Wright is the best d.j. ever, you lot who diss him need to get your head out off your arse’s🤨

      1. Joe Smith says

        Ha ha ha nice try Steve!

    4. Maz says

      I love Steven Wright and the posse i wouldn’t bother with Radio 2 if it wasn’t for him. Will miss Simon mayo Drive time loved this and won’t listen to Jo Whiley as never really liked her on at teatime, preferred her late night

  4. Adrian says

    Personally I prefer him doing talk shows,he was great on news programmes in difficult times.

  5. Paul Hale says

    Any bets on it being a global brand , smooth probably?

    1. haha says

      Maybe Kiss ??

    2. Stuart says

      Classic FM I reckon, LBC maybe

  6. Radio Producer says

    Such a pity that a seasoned professional broadcaster has been undermined by a dense, shallow airhead like Ms Whiley…
    Heard a conversation between the two of them last week, where she didn’t know what ‘Secret Santa’ was all about….
    Just about sums it up really….
    Well done Radio 2 management…. Another classic management cock up…

  7. Nigel says

    Local radio for me. From revealing salaries to promoting women to be pc the beeb is destroying its leading roll in broadcasting.

  8. Andrew Kennedy says

    Shame…… The world is changing … not always for the good. Looking forward to hearing Simon again.

  9. Geoff says

    All good things must come to an end sadly. Simon Mayo was doing a great job on drive time on his own. The 2 hour slot was just right. Personally I think it all started to go downhill when Alex Lester was axed. He was a superb broadcaster for the slot keeping early birds and night workers entertained with his unique style and varied music. For what it’s worth, I would have preferred Sara Cox in the breakfast slot., and Zoe Ball on drive time.

    1. Victoria Margerison says

      Alex Lester was brilliant, very different, great humour. He kept me company as the Dark Lord on many a long night shift.

    2. Morph says

      Totally agree. The Beeb got this backwards too.

  10. Graham Southwell says

    Sorry if I disagree with some here, but drive time Confessions were hilarious with the old crew, sometimes had to stop driving for laughing sometimes purely from Simon’s accents and charachters. Like Jo but not at drive time …. nice to hear a bit of Rock or Metal some nighrs too, best of luck Simon.

  11. Andy Southam says

    By being politically correct and having more female presenters I think the BBC bosses will be losing thousands of listeners.

  12. Dave Thompson says

    Great presenter who will be sorely missed.Radio 2s loss is Smooth’s gain.Stick with Ken and Jeremy please!

  13. David Thompson says

    Keep Ken and Jeremy.Shame about Simon.Radio2s loss is Smooth’s gain

  14. Ian says

    There is a time and place for everyone, but Simon Mayo on his last Friday night was absolutely perfect FOR ME and maybe not everyone
    and without doubt was probably Simon at his best
    Drive Time
    Simon Mayo
    It’s going to take some beating

  15. Jeff Featherstone says

    Given Simon’s reference to the announcement being ‘startling’ I wonder if it will be LBC or Talk Radio, taking into account his 5Live experience?

    1. Stuart says

      Talk is quite likely, maybe Chris Evans has had a word

  16. Steven says

    Maybe ‘startling’ was a slight clue to it being at the start of the day not the end?

  17. Andrew says

    It’s startling the difference between Mayo leaving and Evans leaving. No fanfare from the BBC for poor Simon, yet Evans seems to have the whole station Christmas budget thrown at him. Maybe indicative of the behind-the-scenes state of Radio 2 at the moment. Reading between the lines I gather it has not been a happy or harmonious few months for the Radio 2/Mayo relationship after his show was all but taken away from him. His last words on the show yesterday are a very loud and public testament to that: “I never intended to leave, but situations change”.

    1. Steven says

      One was a very good DJ, whether it be the traditional DJ with music or talk based format with 31 years experience in a national network and the other is a little bit more self centred. I will follow Simon to wherever he goes. I won’t follow Chris.

      1. Andrew says

        Oh, without a doubt Mayo is one of the most skilled and competent DJs in the business. Whichever network he ends up at next (my money’s on Smooth or Magic) will undoubtedly see a significant upswing in listeners following him from Radio 2. Myself included.

        1. Radio Geordie says

          Didn’t I hear something about Ronan Keating ‘quitting’ the Magic breakfast show?

  18. Dennis Mcginley says

    Shame on the BBC for what they have done, they WILL rue the day. ………

  19. Kate Shaw says

    I switch from local radio to BBC2 @ 9.30 weekday mornings & will continue to do so (says it all). Ken Bruce is a fantastic presenter love his show esp Pop Master quiz & he seems a lovely guy. Simon Mayo will be a big miss on Drivetime so back to local radio evenings for me now too. Weekends bit iffy these days too Graham Norton is only programme I make sure not too miss. BBC what are you doing? Time to pick best presenters for your programmes not what is PC.

  20. Sara Cottam says

    I listened to Simon s last show last night and he must of been so chuffed by the lovely comments from his listeners. I actually think that both Jo and Simon are both brilliant ..but brilliant in their own individual skills.
    Good luck Simon!!!

  21. Paul says

    Simon Mayo will be missed. Thank goodness Johnny Walker is still on radio 2 only DJ they have on the whole network now

    1. Allan Wallace says

      Tony Blackburn?

  22. Vic says

    The drivetime programme was on s downward trend when they got rid of Rebecca M Pike!

  23. Gerry Nicol says

    Enjoyed simon mayo on his.own but good the next canny whack John dunn drive/time all those years ago.

  24. Issy says

    Give the girls a chance, but yes I too will be following Simon to the next station but not Chris

  25. Fletch says

    I’m up early with the radio on but avoid the two early shows like a dose of the clap. MeMeMe Vanessa and MeMeMe Evans, great choice now we have DAB and internet radio.

    Thank god Chris Evans has left the man’s an insufferable self promoting bore and for me certainly won’t be missed. Would have preferred to see Sara at breakfast, a great presenter. Nothing against Zoe Ball just Sara for me is more amusing and better suited to the early slot. Ken Bruce is an absolute legend. Steve Wright is OK, I do detest the jockin no g part though and he does drift from great to mediocre from time to time.

    Disrupting the original drivetime format was a tad retarded. Sadly the BBC just loves box ticking, hello Clare Balding.

    I wish Jeremy Vine would be given something extra, some sort of quiz show maybe. What a talent yet so modest and such a hard hitting, quality presenter. If he was given maybe some tea time quiz show perhaps he could mention it on his show. To think he was allowed to step into Jimmy Young’s shoes :/ What drivel, where does he ride his pushbike?

    I’ll be following Simon as well.

    They’ll be roping in Rio Ferdinand, Ant and Dick and giving O’Dreary a prime slot next, that’ll just about finish the license fee off.

  26. Julian Duncan says

    Simon Mayo, one of the best DJ’s on Radio 2, left with no option after the detritus management changed the format for this equality BS ….
    Sorry Radio 2 you have destroyed a great station …. incidentally get rid of Vine the Whine please …boring man ….

  27. Jim Harwood says

    I have been an avid Radio 2 devotee since the late 90’s, I’ve listened to Chris Evans since his days at GLR, I was dubious when he took over Johnny Walkers drive time slot, but he made it his own and when Sir Terry retired few presenters could have taken on that mantle and achieved so much for charity as he has done over the years. Alex Lester was a comic genius who could be relied upon to cheer you up in the morning. Vanessa was the beginning of the end, time to listen to Spotify instead, Dermot’s Saturday afternoon slot was the high point of the day and Bob Harris like wise at night. Simon was compulsory listening, informative, entertaining and hilarious with a great sadly missed cast and music. Jo in the later evening was also always eclectic and worth listening to. The only new casting worth their weight is Cerys on Monday evenings.
    Good bye BBC!

  28. Alan Jones says

    The BBC have got it sadly wrong, Chris Evans has done an amazing job on the breakfast slot, Simon Mayo was doing equally well on drive time, Jo Whiley’s slot in the evenings was intelligent and perfect for that time of night. On the flip side Steve Wright needs to go, it’s 1960’s 70’s Smashy n Nicie radio. Jeremy Vine doesn’t achieve anything. So from now on it’s Virgin at breakfast and Craig Charles, Trevor Nelson and Bob Harris on the iPlayer

  29. ciaran flavin says

    simon mayo is definately for me not suited to smooth.
    Bring back Russ Williams.

  30. stuart Armstrong says

    Please steve Wright must go, utter rubbish

  31. Susan Clayton says

    Not quite sure what’s happening at BBC Radio these day’s I am all for change as no one can stand still. However there are certain thing’s in life that if it’s not broken then leave it..Drive Time!! I to have had to pull over just to listen to the Hilarious Stories on my way home and endless road works and the Simon interpretations of the whole situations made my journey much more bearable.but that was testament to Simon.a brilliant professional DJ..who is going tobe a great asset in his future post..I am hoping it’s going to be smooth radio.



    1. Joe Smith says

      In English?

  33. Geoff says

    Give the girls a chance, zoe is ace , shouty topic fixated Evans you can keep (admire his work for charity tho) vine not mad on tho.. 12:30 i go to gold until I get barraged with ads then i turn off .

  34. Paul says

    Get Richard Allinson back as he was fantastic… Another masterstroke from the BBC…

  35. Shaun says

    Nowt wrong with Sara Cox being given a prime time slot
    Can’t say same for Zoe Ball though ( watch the figures plummet )
    Simon Mayo will be a big loss and the BBC have got that badly wrong
    And as for Evans WHO ? Very overrated in the 1st place



    1. Joe Smith says

      In English?

  37. Pete W says

    Personally I turn to iPlayer as soon as Ken Bruce finishes, the whine show turns me right off. Craig Charles’s sit in for Steve Wright was great back in the summer and he should get that job on a permanent basis!

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