Charles Nove to present Scala Radio Breakfast

Bauer has hired Charles Nove to host the Breakfast Show on its new classical music station Scala Radio.

So far, Simon Mayo has been confirmed to host the mid-morning show, and we now know Sam Hughes will be on afternoons, and Mark Forrest on drivetime. We also know Jamie Crick, Angellica Bell, Mark Kermode, Chris Rogers and William Orbit will be on the schedule.

Speaking at a Media Society event in London on Tuesday evening, Bauer Radio MD Steve Parkinson announced the choice of breakfast presenter for the semi-national Breakfast Show.

Charles has worked for the BBC, mainly at Radio 2, famously reading the news during Wake up to Wogan before the show ended in 2009. He was also a presenter more recently on BBC Radio Oxford, and worked on Saga in Scotland. In recent years he’s done continuity on BBC Radio 4.

Charles Nove founded the A1 VOX audio recording studios in London in 1999 and remains Managing Director.

Talking about Scala Radio, Steve Parkinson revealed one of the alternative names for the station was Maestro Radio, but this was deemed too male and old fashioned. He also talked about the new jingles for the station, which were recorded in Prague this week.

Official test transmissions start on Monday, when the full schedule, other than what was announced this evening, will be announced.

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  1. delakota555 says

    I like classical music. I like rock music. I like jazz. I like film soundtracks. Unlike blued. I like pop. I like folk. I like music from the forties, the fifties, the sixties, the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, the nighties, whatever this decade is called? I like electronic music. I like big band. I like stage musicals. I like Latin American. There’s so much great music that the people who live on this planet have made so why do we have radio stations that are obsessed with an age demographic and a single genre of music.

    Every other stations Bauer have created had failed, this one will too…

    On a different note, I think HMV may actually be okay. I think the guy who bought it loves music himself and therefore understands the people who buy it. Good luck to Doug!

  2. Valentin says

    “Every other stations Bauer have created had failed, this one will too…”

    Right 😁

  3. Craig Strong says

    Not exactly sure why you think it will fail?
    It will give classical music lovers an alternative to Classic FM, which seems to have adopted the less is more ethos, in that they now repeat the same pieces of music far more regularly than they used to.
    I remember being on the radio when GWR took over the stations I worked for.
    The playlist seemed to revolve around the same 4 artists, rather live kev Classic FM now.

    A person can only listen to ‘Dances With Wolves’ so many times!

    1. Craig Strong says

      Two typos, sorry, stupid autocorrect!
      Should read ‘rather like Classic FMnow’

      1. Almorr says

        The no gooders all said that Classic FM would not last long when it began now 27 years ago this September, no harm on having three classical music stations in the UK.
        I do admit that I don’t listen to CFM apart from Easter and Christmas as much as I used to, as you say it has got a bit repetitive at times.
        I found a classical music station from Switzerland called Radio Swiss Classic on the Internet which is excellent.

  4. David Alexander says

    No one from Inverness to Fraserburgh (North/North East Scotland) Will be able to listen to Scala on DAB radio, because Sound Digital do not have transmitters up this far…So we don’t receive any of their radio stations.

    1. Colin Suter says

      Get the Ap and listen to it on your iPad or smartphone

  5. Lee says

    Well Classic FM is owned by Global. Repetition of music, commercials, themes and news is what they do.

  6. Mr B says

    Will it be VT’d? I asked them, but no response.

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