Simon Mayo launches Scala Radio on DAB digital radio

Bauer’s latest radio service, Scala Radio, launched as planned at 10am on Monday 4th March 2019.

After a three minute history of the world in audio form, Simon Mayo welcomed listeners to the exciting new sound of Scala Radio, and quoted Alan Fluff Freeman by saying “Greetings music lovers”.

The first music to be played was Prelude to Act 1 from the opera Carmen by Bizet, followed by Dvorak and a string quartet version of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

The first 15 minutes of the station, and Simon’s first show, already had references to his ex-BBC Radio 2 colleague Jo Whiley, and the opening words by Tony Blackburn of his former station, BBC Radio 1.

Staff arriving at One Golden Square today – the home of Scala Radio – were greeted with live classical music in reception from London-based classical band three4. The area was also full of Scala branding, merchandise and food.

Listen to the start of the station after the tweets below.

Bauer told RadioToday: “Bringing together familiar masters along with fresh and exciting new classical pieces, Scala Radio will be presented with an informal ‘come as you are’ attitude. The station will feature special guests, intriguing mini-series and shows about classical music in popular gaming and mindfulness. Scala Radio aims to offer classical music for modern life, the station anticipates explosive growth in the genre and an ever growing cross-over of the genre into the mainstream – the new station will break the mould of classical music radio in the UK.”

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  1. Jeff C says

    That first jingle was very festive. Great start by Simon Mayo.

  2. Tony Harding says

    I think they missed Zadok the priest, Lovers concerto by the Toys, and GOAAAALLLLLLL. But thankfully left out Nessun Dorma.

    1. Almorr says

      No way could they have started with
      Zadok the priest by Handel, a certain other station started with that over 26 years ago.

  3. Craig Strong says

    Not sure about that rendition of the Daft Punk song, and to my ears it sounds rather like Bauer just changed the music and ‘borrowed everything else from Simon’s show on Radio 2.

    Not sure if this style of presentation will go down particularly well with actual classical music lovers.

    Everyone says that Classic FM is ‘dumbed down’, which compared to Radio 3, I guess it is.
    It seems that Scala dumb it down much lower.

    1. Morr Al says

      I have been listening to Scala this morning and enjoying Simon’s show, what was that ‘Opmaster’, what about Quizmaster on another radio station, good luck Scala.

    2. Nina grice says

      Loving Simon’s return. There is no reason classical music cannot be enjoyed some with banter instead of hushed tones and deep chat. I like the tone they have set. I am in my forties and want good company on my radio alongside music I love. Those that think it is dumbed down must be joyless. All the things from the radio two days make interesting listening interspersed with classical of new and old. Long may it continue…..Simon you were missed but I think your new platform will bring back old listeners and add some new. Congratulations!


    Hello Simon mayo, good to have you back on the airwaves

    1. John says

      Listened from 10 through till 5 thiught ut was pretty good.but not sure on the style of presenting. Thought it was a little to radio 2 a little hammy but i am so pleased they play original soundtracks and not cover versio s thank you scala

  5. Spencer Payne says

    Scala radio pumping up the hits on the night time show ….Scala radio

  6. Christine Southwell says

    Missed Simon Mayo hugely. Have barely listened to Radio 2 since he left. So good to hear him again on Scala and good music too.

  7. Darren Plumpton says

    Does Scala Radio have jingles?Or are they considered too low brow for this kind of radio station?

  8. Nicholas Anderson says

    It would be desirable and commendable for the BBC to consider changing the format of Six Music to a jazz oriented station as this would be widely appreciated by the jazz loving fraternity and fill a gap not currently provided by the commercial Jazz FM.

  9. Almorr says

    I listened to Scala Radio yesterday from 10am on that wonderful introduction until 11pm, I give it 10 out of 10.I only heard one piece of music being repeated. It’s non stop music from 1am to 6am, then there is a hour of Smooth Classic type music with some birdsongs recordings between. All in all I like Scala Radio very much.

  10. Steve Jones says

    Can anybody living around Anglesey / Bangor / Caernarfon area, receive Scala Radio on normal D.A.B. or on D.A.B. + ? As I can only get it on the Internet & would love to get it on radio.

  11. Boo Emrich says

    Sooo good to hear Simon Mayo on the airwaves again…

  12. john bodman says

    I have listened since the test transmissions and have enjoyed the selection of music played so far. Brooklyn Duo have been a real discovery for me (thank you!) The highlight for me has been the 7-9pm programme, presented by the young and multi talented Jack Pepper. His enthusiasm and passion for music comes across beautifully and it has been a real joy to listen to. Well done, Jack and the best of luck to you and everyone on Scala Radio.

  13. Barbara Dumbleton says

    At last a radio station that does not intrude. I listen while baking, cooking, chores or just relaxing with a book. I abandoned Radio 2 many months ago as I could no longer stand the jarring music and commentary. Well done Scala long may you continue. Good luck.

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