Local DAB multiplexes to be advertised in Cumbria

Cumbria is to get two new DAB digital radio multiplexes in the near future.

Ofcom has announced that it plans to advertise two new muxes, one for the Morecambe Bay area, and one designed to cover North and West Cumbria and Southwest Scotland.

These are full-scale multiplexes, and will be the first time the county of Cumbria has been given such a service.

No timescales or coverage areas have been announced as yet.

RadioToday’s take

Whilst official adverts have yet to appear, RadioToday anticipates the “Morecambe Bay” multiplex will mirror the FM licence previously broadcast as The Bay (now Heart North Lancs and Cumbria), covering an area from Lancaster across Morecambe Bay to Barrow-in-Furness, and north to Ulverston, Windermere and Kendal.

The “North and West Cumbria and Southwest Scotland” will no doubt mirror CFM’s TSA of Carlisle, Whitehaven, Workington and north towards Gretna and Lockerbie.

It was previously anticipated that Cumbria will gain one county-wide multiplex, but this step will still be welcomed by multiplex operators. It’ll be interesting to see if holders of the current FM stations in the area (Bauer in the north, Global in the South) apply for one or both of the areas.

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  1. Scott Donald says

    With Cumbria getting a local DAB multiplex its time the Scottish Borders gets its own multiplex. This region is often left out by ofcom and always last for everything. Its great that Cumbria is getting this its just a shame the Borders isn’t

  2. joe soap says

    what chance do we have in the borders when we cant even receive Radio Scotland on DAB its a joke.

  3. mb23 says

    The Smooth Kendal/Windermere FM licence is up for pre-advertisement in July 2019.

    By pledging to put the station on the Morecambe Bay DAB multiplex Global can get the FM licence rolled over.

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Timing sucks doesn’t it?

  4. Willie Bone says

    It looks as if the north Cumbrian multiplex will include BBC Radio Cumbria and BBC Radio Scotland with its Dumfries & Galloway (D&G) opt out service! CFM (Carlisle), WestSound FM (D&G), and even Dumfries based Alive Radio, all may be carried! The latter would probably be in mono only! Fantastic News for our lot in D&G..

  5. Ian Scott says

    Global’s and Bauer’s names are already on the licenses. Plainly obvious.

    It would be good for both to add the community station Eden in Penrith and the station in Carlisle assuming they win the new FM licence there, plus Cando in the south-west.

    But somehow, I doubt it and expect Global and Bauer to leave empty space, rather than provide the community stations space, in what is a very terrain for everyone. Think mountains. Big mountains.

    1. mb23 says

      These multiplexes are not designed for community stations, the small-scale licences to be advertised shortly are cheaper and have smaller coverage areas.

  6. James Tucker says

    Does this mean Cumbria is finally going to receive SDL and all the digital stations on that multiplex…anyone know?? Planetrock,Talksport2,Virgin etc. Or is it just all about local stations? Very good news for Cumbria DAB listeners though! 🙂 Cheers

    1. mb23 says

      This is just about local stations. SDL is a separate national licence.

      If this increases the take up of DAB sets in Cumbria it’s more likely that SDL will build transmitters there .

  7. michael hannah says

    Will the Morecambe bay licence have BBC radio Lancashire/Rock fm because the north Lancashire area is not covered by DAB but available on FM, plus Barrow in Furness area is still part of Lancashire Palatine

    1. mb23 says

      BBC Lancashire has reserved capacity, Rock FM is unlikely because it’s a central Lancashire station.

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