Danny Baker to present twice a week podcast

Fresh from being axed by BBC Radio 5 Live following a tweet about the Royal Family, Danny Baker has announced new plans for a podcast.

He’s tweeted that his stand-alone podcast will feature all the old firm and even the Sausage Sandwich Game when it starts in around six months time.

Danny says he wants callers, emails and bizarre subjects on the show.

He was sacked from his Saturday morning slot on BBC Radio 5 Live in May after posting an image showing a clothed chimpanzee holding hands with a couple, along with the caption ‘Royal Baby leaves hospital’. He quickly deleted the tweet after accusations it was racist, but screengrabs been shared widely on social media and used by the national press.

Danny has hosted many podcasts before, including a football one with Gary Lineker in 2018.

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  1. Chris B says

    I find it a bit odd this seems to be reported everywhere as fact given Danny’s record with Twitter…! He’s announced many a project on there, often in jest, that’s never materialised. Not sure what more substance there is to this one!

  2. RadioToday UK says

    The article says Danny has announced that he will be doing it, not that he will actually be doing it.

  3. Chris B says

    Journalism in 2019…! Not having a go at RT – everywhere else seems to be reporting the same thing. Although in the spirit of pedantry, your headline suggests he will be doing it…

  4. Baby bat says

    Starting in 6 months? Why such a long delay, you can pick up a usb mic and record a podcast at home in an hour. Everyone will have forgotten this news (and him) in 6 months.

  5. Mike Thomas says

    Well good luck to him I say, and if he has any sense he will stay away from the BBC from now on after the way they treated him.

    I predict he will be back with them though, give it a 12 month and everyone will have forgotten about it and normal service will be resumed.

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