Glasgow DAB trial multiplex boosts coverage with extra transmitter

Nation Broadcasting has upgraded its DAB multiplex in Glasgow with the launch of a second transmitter.

The new signal now synchronises with the first transmitter to create a Single Frequency Network, or SFN. The improvement will boost coverage in and around the city centre, as well as to the north and west.

A number of new stations have also been added in recent months, including Radio Ramadhan 365, BFBS Scotland and rolling news service News Radio UK.

Ash Elford, DAB Platform Manager at Nation Broadcasting, told RadioToday: “In a short space of time, Nation has turned around the fortunes of the Glasgow DAB trial multiplex. We’ve invested behind the scenes in new equipment and new telecoms. This included switching to the world leading Factum Radioscape Enmuxa platform for DAB multiplexing in November 2018. Nation is now realising its ambition of giving Glasgow a DAB multiplex it deserves, with improved coverage and an improved choice of stations.”

The multiplex currently broadcasts 21 services, including Nation Radio, Your Radio and a range of Glasgow community stations and several special interest services. The multiplex now has a waiting list, with more services planned, subject to Ofcom approval.

Alex Jenkins of Glasgow community station Celtic Music Radio said: “Celtic Music Radio is very pleased with the vast DAB signal improvement Nation Broadcasting has achieved over the past few months. This is a direct result of dedicated work from a great team of engineers and we look forward to cooperating with Nation Broadcasting in future projects.”

Ian Wallace of Gaydio said: “It has been great working with Nation Broadcasting, who have invested in upgrading the multiplex and helping us to reach more people across Glasgow with a more reliable service.”

Roy Martin of News Radio UK added: “Who wouldn’t be happy with an extra transmitter? Providing 24-hour rolling news to the city of Glasgow with one transmitter was great, but now with two we gain extra power and a bigger potential audience, so it’s even better!”

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  1. Alan Hall says

    Very interesting and can not wait to see what
    other stations come on air including more community radio stations
    and even maybe hospital radio stations too.

    1. Stephen barnes says

      I hope Manchester does the same love niocast but only 6 mile reach.

      1. mb23 says

        It has a limited reach because it’s using the same frequency as the Derbyshire multiplex. When the permanent licence is advertised they can move it off 10B into sub-band 2 and increase the power.


    Well if this is away to get more choice and more local stations on air on DAB more power to it – seems good news.

  3. Stephen barnes says

    If small-scale stations get. More reach they can at last challenge the big stations

  4. Radio Geordie says

    This has got me scratching my head.
    Didn’t the former owners used to broadcast from two transmitters?
    One was at the site which Nation’s FM transmitter is (Cathkin Braes), the other was on the top of a tower block near Clydebank (Edmondstone Court).
    Now, apparently, the Cathkin site has been relocated about a mile to the north whilst the new second transmitter is in the Cowcaddens area.
    Can someone explain what happened as I’m sure when Nation bought Your Radio’s owners, they bought the company lock, stock & barrel, didn’t they?

  5. BB Galsgow says

    It’s nothing like coverage for the Glasgow area. An additional city centre based transmitter will only reach the city centre. OK for some but as in most big cities people live in the suburbs and that is well out of range of this coverage. The Nation minimux in Glasgow is complete nonsense. Hardy any local programming, lots of out of area services that are available on other platforms like Tune-In and UK Radio Player. It’s pretty pointless and unlikely to register much interest with present coverage and stations offered.

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