Hits Radio weekend show for Fleur East, Greg Burns and James Barr

Fleur East, Greg Burns and James Barr are to host a new Saturday morning show across the Hits Radio Network in England.

The weekday breakfast trio replace Mike Toolan and Kelly Pegg – Mike is moving to Sunday morning whilst Kelly is leaving the station ‘for new opportunities’.

‘Saturday mornings with Fleur East, Greg and James’ will be a chance to highlight some of the content from the Breakfast show across the week, including celebrity interviews with the likes of Katy Perry, Lewis Capaldi and Craig David.

Paul Gerrard, Programme Director for Hits Radio Network said “Fleur, Greg and James have already had an incredible start on their new Hits Radio breakfast show and the new show will allow the team to bring their infectious chemistry, humour and even more stars from the world of music, movies and entertainment to our network.”

Paul added “We’d also like to wish Kelly Pegg all the very best on her new ventures. A brilliant broadcaster who has been with the Hits Radio Network for a number of years, she’s made a huge impact and we hope it’s not goodbye for good!”

The new weekend schedule will launch on 7th September.

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  1. Andy Halligan says

    Well I certainly won’t be listening I have turned off Hits radio and moved to magic

    1. mb23 says

      That’s also owned by Bauer so they won’t be mind about that.

      1. Dave says

        I disagree – they will be concerned if they loose listeners, even if it’s to their London based national services.

        Imagine telling your bosses that you lost 30% of your listeners but it doesn’t matter as other services in the portfolio are up 30%.

  2. Ste says

    How exciting!

  3. Chaz says

    I’m surprised at how good the new show is. Fleur East is a great presenter and you can feel how she is really getting into the new role. Hope the new saturday show doesn’t tire her out. 6 days a week is not easy.

    1. Ste says

      Haha do you really think it’ll be live?

  4. whitsal86 says

    Hits Radio was the wrong choice – if anything, Bauer could have had Absolute Radio Manchester with Matt Berry VO and the comedy one-liners.

    Rather than Fleur East, Greg Burns and James Barr, why not have a Manchester-only breakfast show with Darren Spence formerly of Viking FM? He’s done Rock FM Breakfast cover in 2003-2005 and 2013-2015, plus Signal 1 Breakfast. A solid competent presenter!

    Absolute Radio seems like the cooler brand, at least amongst the people i know.

    Jennie Longdon is like Hits Radio’ equivalent of Leona Graham and Danielle Perry.

    As it is, Jordan Lee’s evening show – why not replace it with Danielle Perry from London taking the Absolute feed and split links?

    1. Ste says

      Thanks Darren

    2. Radio Geordie says

      Would’ve made more sense to roll out the Absolute brand on FM, even at the expense of the old ILRs.

      1. sj says

        Absolute is a great station and I love it, but it isn’t mainstream enough to replace the old ILR names, in my opinion. It was on FM in the West Midlands for a few years and never set the world alight in RAJAR, Kiss was the obvious, Global-esque choice.

  5. Radio Geordie says

    leaving the station ‘for new opportunities’ is radio speak for ‘Sacked!’

  6. David says

    Absolute is a different brand and target audience to what Hits Radio targets. So it wouldn’t be a good fit, it would be like replacing Capital Stations with Radio X it wouldn’t work as the audience expects a Top 40 format.

    That isn’t to knock either Absolute or X as both have excellent programming. Also Absolute is national on DAB and AM already.

    I’m saddened by some mean spirited comments across articles. There’s no need to rip into a presenter or programmer etc. If you don’t agree with something fine, just voice your opinion respectfully.

  7. Nathan says

    More celebrity utter crap wheres all the radio talent gone.i havnt listened to hits radio ever. It’s our last local community station for me amber sound 107.2

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