Nick Conrad quits BBC for election then steps down as candidate

BBC Radio Norfolk’s former breakfast presenter Nick Conrad has withdrawn from standing as a candidate in the general election, just days after leaving the BBC.

Nick did his last show on the Norwich-based station last Thursday (31st October). At the end he told listeners: “I’m back with you tomorrow at 6.30, have a cracking day” – but then Chris Goreham did the programme on Friday saying he was ‘sitting in’ for Nick.

Earlier this week he was announced as the Conservative party’s candidate for the Broadland constituency in Norfolk, where the retiring Tory MP had a majority of around 16,000. But there then followed a backlash to Nick’s appointment as the candidate, because of comments he made on air back in 2014. He had suggested, during a discussion about rape, that women should “keep their knickers on”. He apologised for the comments at the time and no further action was taken by the BBC Trust or Ofcom.

Last night Nick announced he was standing down as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Broadland. In a statement, he said: “Five years ago I made ill-judged comments during an on-air radio discussion for which I made a genuine and heartfelt apology. Last night I was honoured to be made the Conservative candidate for Broadland and had hoped to become the MP for a constituency which is close to my heart.

“However it has become clear to me that the media attention on my previous comments have become a distraction. For me, the most important thing is for the Conservative Party to be successful in the forthcoming election – getting Brexit done and delivering on people’s priorities. This is why I have reluctantly concluded I must stand down to allow one of the other excellent candidates the opportunity to win this fantastic seat. I would like to thank the Broadland Conservative Association for their support and wish the party every success in the election on December 12.”

Nick, who’s 34, started in radio aged 14 as a sports reporter and joined the BBC 12 years ago. He has been on breakfast at Radio Norfolk for the last four years after moving from mid-mornings. His previous radio work includes three years presenting ‘Young London’ on LBC as well as covering other shows on the station. At the BBC as well as Radio Nofolk, he’s appeared on Radio 3, 5 Live, 6 Music and BBC WM.

Chris Goreham has been presenting Radio Norfolk’s breakfast show this week and is listed on the station’s online schedule as the host of the programme for the coming weeks.

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  1. Mr Boltar says

    Clearly the comment he made was stupid, but I’m really tired of this trial by snowflake that seems to be happening lately in that anyone who made any kind of silly remark is hounded out of running for election. I’d love to see the social media histories of some of the people doing the hounding, I bet they wouldn’t be whiter than white either. There seems to be a small cabal of idiots who set themselves up as online judge and jury now and its time it was nipped in the bud.

  2. Mr Ratlob says

    Shut up Boltar

  3. Ella says

    You wouldn’t think they were ‘snowflakes’ if it was your daughter/mum/sister/wife that was raped or assaulted. Absolutely right that he stands down. Total disgrace that the BBC kept him on. Men like this should never be allowed a platform.

  4. David says

    Nobody has mentioned all the good and kind things he has said in broadcasts over the last 4 years and the amount of times he has offered to talk to distressed people off air. His remark was ‘beyond blunt ‘ but contained a grain of common sense. Don’t hang a man for one mistake, smacks of mean school yard bullying.

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