BBC Radio 4’s PM books the wrong Robert Shapiro

BBC Radio 4 started interviewing Robert Shapiro during PM on Thursday, but presenter Evan Davis soon worked out it wasn’t the one he wanted to speak to.

The PM programme had meant to book the famous US lawyer who helped successfully defend OJ Simpson, to discuss the development with a retired Supreme Court justice.

Instead, they got a former adviser to Bill Clinton, but still discussed the intended topic of showing court cases on television in the UK.

Hear the incident here.

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  1. David says

    Proof we all make mistakes. Hopefully the BA or Producer who got the wrong number, didn’t get too much of grilling for it. It’s not the first time the BBC have interviewed the wrong guy. To quote Trevor White a former PD “It’s only radio no one died”

    1. Mr Boltar says

      I’d have thought getting the right guest and doing a cursery check beforehand that it is who you want would be a core part of the job.

  2. Mark budgen says

    Who? Is this the bbc as usual targeting American listeners?

  3. Radio Geordie says

    Its not the first time its happened.
    I’m reminded of the famous one on the BBC News Channel with the Black Guy who was there for an interview, and just happened to have the same name as the expert they’d booked.

  4. The Other Listener says

    To say Evan Davis soon worked it out is incorrect. Robert Shapiro actually corrected him. Fortunately Mr Shapiro had some knowledge of the topic the ‘other’ Mr Shapiro was there to discuss and was able to make valid contribution to the discussion so it was not the total disaster it could have been. Poor journalism though.

  5. Mark Budgen says

    BBC journalists take their instructions from Conservative party Central Office these days.

  6. DaveP says

    Maybe should book Helen to recall that great song

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