News UK confirms the launch of Times Radio

The Times, The Sunday Times and Wireless have confirmed the launch of Times Radio will take place later this year.

The station will broadcast nationally on DAB and online, and will be in addition to talkRADIO rather than in place of it.

Times Radio will be ad break free, with commercial opportunities for sponsors across the schedule. It will provide a daily schedule of news, analysis and commentary with former 5 Live producer Tim Levell as Programme Director.

News UK Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks said: “We acquired Wireless in 2016 with a clear ambition to bring their audio expertise to our newsbrands. The Times and The Sunday Times deliver world-class journalism to a substantial and highly engaged audience and Times Radio will create a new speech radio outlet to reach an even broader audience who want quality reporting and trusted, expert commentary in real time.”

Editor of The Times, John Witherow, said: “Times Radio will provide provocative, well-informed, entertaining and useful discussion covering the key stories of the day, and informing the national conversation. Times Radio, infused with our world-class journalism, will be the perfect complement to our print and online offer.”

As Programme Director, Tim Levell will work with Times Radio Launch Director, Stig Abell, and a team from across The Times, The Sunday Times and Wireless, including Wireless Director of Strategy Jimmy Buckland and Wireless National Speech Radio Controller Liam Fisher to create the schedule, manage the presenters and production staff and format the station.

Wireless CEO Scott Taunton said: “Since Wireless joined the News UK family, we have been working more and more collaboratively with The Times, lending our radio and podcasting expertise to develop an audio strategy for one of the world’s pre-eminent newsbrands. Last week we announced the launch of a new podcast series – Stories of Our Times – and I’m delighted that with Times Radio we will be investing in a major, high quality new voice for news and current affairs on digital radio, online, on app and smart speakers.”

It was reported that Times Radio would replace talkRADIO, but this is not the case.

Scott Taunton added: “talkRADIO has been driving record growth and will continue to deliver its fearless and entertaining mix of opinion-led news and debate. From Aria-nominated Breakfast Show host Julia Hartley-Brewer on, the station has a loyal and highly engaged following and we will continue to innovate, creating a stronger visualisation of the national digital radio shows.”

More information about Times Radio will be released in coming weeks.

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  1. Simon Parton says

    Well best of luck to Times Radio. I look forward to listening to a news station that doesn’t have the irritating commercials of LBC and the seemingly endless, boring sports reporting on BBC Five Live.

  2. Barry says

    Will it be on d 1 or sound digital.

    1. mb23 says

      Sound digital (D2)

      1. mr cole says

        so we won’t get it in thanet then !!! (like planet rock jazz fm etc then. 150000 unhappy people !!!

    2. Radio Geordie says

      My guess is that they’ve got the spare DAB+ capacity of Sound Digital (32 kbps).

  3. Peter says

    I dont think we the public have had such a good choice of quality radio stations in the UK

    Times Radio is a welcome addition to LBC UK,LBC News,Talkradio and Talksport.

  4. Mark budgen says

    Times Tory Radio.

    1. Joe Smith says


    2. Mr Boltar says

      Well don’t worry, there’s always JOB on LBC to give you your daily fix of virtuous hand wringing liberal ideology.

  5. Ray Woodward says

    I am certain the BBC will be laughing their socks off at this news, and rightly so …

    1. Allan Wallace says

      The arrogant BBC may well laugh, but it will be refreshing to listen to Times Radio instead of the bloated, left-wing anachronism called the BBC, which the public is forced to fund against its will.

    2. mb23 says

      I don’t think anybody at the BBC will be laughing tomorrow, when £40m of cost savings will be announced.

      1. Richard says

        It would be nice to have more presenters for a couple of hours max to break the day up a bit, also a different format to talkRADIO then

  6. Owen says

    Great, a speech station for someone other than the taxi driver, sports fan or white van man. Hopefully with the intelligence of Radio 4 but WITHOUT THE FLIPPING PLAYS!

    Really don’t think they’ve thought through the implications when it comes to search though, given the existence of the Radio Times…

  7. Owen says

    Or better still, slightly less stuffy than Radio 4!

  8. Rob says

    Some high quality radio talent at Times. Emma B, Rod Liddle, Claudia, Quentin and Gillian R. Could be very good.

  9. S G says

    Pretty funny – the times own article on its new station is behind its paywall!!!

    Way to go ! You want people to listen but you can’t even promote it without charging!!

    1. mb23 says

      The article is available for free on the News UK website. It says the same as this article, there are no further details of programmes yet.

  10. Mike says

    “The Times and The Sunday Times deliver world-class journalism to a substantial and highly engaged audience.” As The Sun gets no mention are we to assume that the dire offerings under the ‘Talk’ brand are considered spot on for that audience?

  11. Mr Boltar says

    I can’t help thinking its going to be treading on talkRadio’s toes unless Times Radio is going to be wall to wall politics. I hope this doesn’t mean talkRadio is going to be moved downmarket with a lot of shouty idiots behind the mic talking twaddle about Love Island.

    1. mb23 says

      Times Radio is likely to be similar to Monocle24, with podcasts and discussions about the arts, food and fashion. It’s nothing like Talk Radio, although it will have some news programmes.

      1. Mr Boltar says

        I’d never heard of Monocle24. Though given its an internet station probably hardly anyone else has either. And Times Radio will probably be its death nell if you’re correct and thats the format it’ll use.

      2. superbike999 says

        Arts, food and fashion? Yawn



  13. Leon Bysing says

    I can’t help but feel that if their efforts are as half hearted as Talk Radio has been (awful website with out of date content, throw a six to start catch up service, hit and miss podcasts), then they may as well not bother. To attempt to clone the variety of the Radio 4 schedule on a commercial radio budget without the established listener base will be a supreme challenge.

  14. Michael says

    Wonder if they’ll recruit Victoria Derbyshire ( she’s excellent and professional – at least you do not read any scandalous stories about her! ) ex five live and soon to be chopped by the BBC. And no doubt Matthew Wright. I doubt if Nick Ferrari will move from LBC. LBC are likely to offer him more money or shares in the company methinks. Let’s hope they don’t recruit Eamon Holmes for god sake.

    As part of their launch they might give away smart speakers hopefully and I might win one. Wishful thinking!.

  15. Adam says

    “Young” and “aspiring” potential readers of the Times newspaper.
    So for Millennials/Gen Y. Lots of sponsored content.

    Quick look at today’s Times . . . Travel, fitness, health, brands, shopping, fashion, food, holidays, sport, dating issues, things eco, music, tech, woke issues, business.

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