JACK2 to swap with JACK3 on 107.9 in Oxford

Ofcom has approved a Format change request which will see JACK 3 replace JACK 2 on 107.9FM in Oxford.

JACK 2, which currently plays a mix of new and recent chart music for 15-29 years olds, will swap with ‘JACK 3’ playing ‘easy hits for the over 50s.’

The published Format will change from “The station will be the voice for young Oxford through a mix of primarily new and recent chart music with local news, sport and local information, phone-ins, and special local features targeting 15-29s in the city, with a minimum of 7 hours of specialist music programming before midnight each week.” to: “A music-intensive station playing an eclectic mix of easy hits for the over 50s with local news, sport and local information.”

Three responses were made to the consultation – OX4 FM CIC, which holds a community radio licence for Oxford broadcasting as First FM, agreed that the change “would not narrow the range of programmes available”. Furthermore, it contended that the “over 50 audience in the area is potentially underserved by commercial radio and would benefit from a dedicated service.”

ReesRussell LLP is an advertiser on JACK 3, which is currently only available online and on DAB radio. It also expressed support for the change, on the basis that it would “give me access to a wider audience which must be a commercial gain for the local economy.”

And Mr N Wilcock endorsed Jack Media’s argument made in its request about the listening profiles of JACK FM2 and JACK 3’s listeners, that younger audiences are “more likely to have embraced music options other than FM radio”, and that over-50s “will be more likely to prefer FM radio as their primary music source.

A similar request was made in 2010 for FM107.9 to switch to a station for over 45-year-olds, but was refused.

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  1. Stephen barnes says

    Tony blackburn on twitter a few days ago said the over 50s are undeserved alls they want is an oldies station with a bit of personality. This move proves him right. I’m 62 and loved the national Jack 3 when it was national for a short time. I still listen on Alexa here in the North West.

  2. Radio Fader says

    There’s GOLD, but it has a Global Radio format, which means no personality, just speed links.

  3. Graham Kirk says

    The overs 50s are grossly under served by commercial music radio, but licences have been issused in the past by Ofcom/ Radio Authoriry to Saga / Meloy and others but format always moves to a younger deographic.

    The problem lies with thoese who place advertising on the Radio, not being keen on places advertising with stations who’s audiences are skewed to the over 55s. They preffer to buld brand recontion with a younger audience.

    Disposable income in the younger generation is significantly lower, whlist debt ( student loans) and living costs ( Rents, Mortgages ) have increased.

    If Jack can persuade the adverisers, then this venture could pay off. Radio’s most loyal audience is thoese that grew up with the medium. Suprised that Global have put so little investment in Gold in recent years.

  4. Alan says

    The majority of Radio stations are run by a few big companies there to make money, thinking playing the same 200 popular tracks makes good radio. Personally I listen to CHEESY FM over the internet – Just good old fashioned music without “radio presenters” – and I am over 50

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