Heart Cambridgeshire to leave Peterborough
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Heart Cambridgeshire to leave Peterborough

Global Radio’s Heart Cambridgeshire station is to leave Peterborough and move to a new broadcast centre on the outskirts of Cambridge.

It means the station, which is made up of the old Hereward FM and Q103 stations, will leave its base in Peterborough’s Queensgate shopping centre after more than 20 years.

Hereward Radio launched in Peterborough in July 1980 originally based in the back of a pub on the city’s Bridge Street, before moving to the current location on the railway station side of the shopping centre in the late 1980s.

Last year Heart Cambridge joined with Heart Peterborough to create Heart Cambridgeshire, with the Cambridge station’s programming moving out of the building on Vision Park in Histon.

A statement issued by Global Radio to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph said: “We can confirm that Heart Cambridgeshire will be moving to improved facilities in Histon, Cambridge. There will be no change to the station’s output or to its staff.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Totally agree with both of you guys!… I tried listening to Heart Essex once and had to reach for the telephone to call The Samaritans!…Lol!… Well, almost.  Heart really are un-imaginative aren’t they?  I can’t comment on Heart Cambrigeshire as I’ve not listened to it, but Heart in Essex, Kent and London are dire to listen to.

    How Heart love playing bland Oly Murs and James Blunt tracks all day with plastic fake presenters who sound about as alive as a three week old curry!

    Heart is really bad when you’re listening to Heart Essex, why? – Well, they have the appualing Martin Day Breakfast Show, yuk!  This guy is sub chav, can’t present a show at all, speaks in glottle stop Eastuary English and punctuates nearly everything chav speak such as: “I talk like proper, ‘n stuff, innit, ‘cos I’m street ain’t I?”… You get the picture.  His on-air sidekick is just as bad, she sounds permanantley p..ssed and in a state of euphoria at the slightest witty remark made to her by Martin Day on air, with a laugh that would annoy any sane person listening.   I wouldn’t employ these two idiots to empty the latrines at Heart Essex, or even the dustbins – let alone present a radio show.

    How Heart and Global radio as an organization can operate and take over smaller radio stations still amazes me.  We’ve even lost good programming on the once great LBC in London (yet another Global Radio aquisition), the awful presenters they have on their now beggars belief.  Only two presenters on LBC are still worth listening to and they are Steve Allen and Nick Abbott.

    As for the rest of Global Radio’s little empire – You can shove it where the sun don’t shine – Especially Heart (Fart) which needs real guts to listen to without reaching for the airplane sick bag!

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