Metro Radio goes Gaga for promotion
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Metro Radio goes Gaga for promotion

Bauer’s Metro Radio has gone Lady Gaga crazy as part of a station promotion to give away cash and a luxury lifestyle prize.

The Newcastle-based station changed its name to Radio Gaga for the day and also staged a stunt arrival of the popstar at the local airport using a lookalike.

Listeners have to spot the daily Gaga stunt over the next fortnight and text to win a £500 prize. Already, the station has put a huge inflatable Gaga head in Sunderland and suspended a grand piano from a crane at the Metrocentre shopping complex.

Thousands of Gaga masks are also being distributed with listeners encouraged to upload their fun photos to win a weekend living like Lady Gaga. The station says its website, facebook and twitter pages are driving listener engagement and even the promotion sponsor, Sunderland College, has supplied students to get fully involved in some of the stunt activity.

Later in the week we’re told a Gaga actress will strut her stuff across the region wearing a real meat dress and a secret flash mob is planned for the weekend.

The station also tell us rival radio stations in the patch were fooled by their fake arrival of the pop star at the airport.

Commenting on the promotion, breakfast show presenter Brian Moore said: “When I heard about the idea with the piano I thought it was a pipe dream. To see a piano hanging 150 feet above the ground was a sight to behold. We hope the region get involved in spotting our Gaga stunts as a simple text to tell us where they’ve seen us could land them a big amount of cash.”

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  1. Angry Listener

    It screamed fake from the beginning. With station presenters and events staff as GaGa’s ‘security’ at the airport. I’m sure the thousands of people who were gridlocked on the Quayside because of ‘Gaga’ fever were really appreciative of the extra 90 minutes added to their commute home.

  2. Anonymous

    Well, this is the sad state of British corporate bland radio these days!  Crud music, crud presenters, radio pandering to the lowest common denominator, full of hype, spin and bad news on the hour every hour!  Who gives a flying F..k about Lady gaga, she is a product of the media’s obcession with fake “Personalities” and “Celibrities.”

    Where is the creative, meaningful and real radio on the broadcast bands, you know – the kind of stuff us middle aged lot grew up with?  Radio Caroline, Big Lil, etc., with good presenting skills in the tradition of the late Tony Alan, John Peel, Roger Scott, and the great (Still with us) Bob Harris and Johnnie Walker.  There’s nothing wrong with a radio promotion with musicians playing an active part, but let’s have some quality acts and class presenters/radio stations doing it at least!

    Come back Ronan O’Rahilly, you are much needed in the 21st Century to show the modern media how to get real again and kick itself up the bottom!… Lady gaga promotion indeed – How sad is that?

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