UKRD responds to Atlantic's Heart switch
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UKRD responds to Atlantic’s Heart switch

The sale of Atlantic FM to Global Radio and subsequent rebranding as Heart will leave UKRD’s Pirate FM as the only commercial radio station with studios in Cornwall.

Output on Atlantic FM’s transmitters will switch to programmes from Heart Devon based in Exeter from later this year, although sales staff will remain in St Agnes.

UKRD Chief Executive William Rogers told Radio Today that today was a ‘very sad day’ for local commercial radio in Cornwall. “The sell out by Atlantic’s owners to London based Global will inevitably mean job losses and programming coming from outside the county,” he said. “So much for Atlantic’s owners’ commitment to Cornwall as made in their application document to Ofcom. The staff will be gutted. What a reward for all their hardwork and effort put in over the years.”

William added that Pirate FM had no plans to change its commitment to Cornwall. He said: “We will continue to serve the county, be based in the county, employ local people and work with local businesses. We certainly won’t be moving out of Cornwall. We are proud of our Cornish roots and will continue to be a genuine part of the Cornish community. We have no intention of dumping our involvement with Cornwall like the owners of Atlantic have sadly done.”

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  1. A S Barker

    Great that Pirate FM will continue to serve its local community. It shows that with drive and enthusiasm and genuine local content a commercial station can continue to survive.

  2. Nick,

    CKFM should have won the licence back in 2004, after all John Grierson lobbied for ILR#2 for Cornwall and if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have had another station in Cornwall at all!  And he had to pay the costs for the judicial review.  I beleive CKFM (GMG) would not have sold out out Heart as they would have enjoyed a greater following by aiming at the greater 40+ demographic within Cornwall, there has been little if anything to separate the sound of Pirate and Atlantic on the dial, the whole exercise has been an unnecessary waste of a licence.  And to present Cornish radio from Exeter … I feel for the staff losing their jobs in St Agnes.

  3. Davedwiggywiggins

    What A Bad Move You Do Not Want To Be With Global They Bring Your Station Do Now
    It Is Not Good At All This Do Mean Now

  4. Davedwiggywiggins

    This Is A Bad Move You Do Not Want To Be With Global Radio Group
    Global Will Bring Your Station Wright Down And It Will Not Be Good And That Is So True You Should Get Utv Or The Breeze To Own Your Station Or Gmg

  5. windermouse

     “…although sales staff will remain in St Agnes.”

    Well that’ll make all the difference to the localness!

  6. Guest

    three cheers for William Rogers! ILR means Independent LOCAL Radio. Atlantic FM will soon become the home of the 650 song titles ‘Heart’. Does this mean their tag line should now be ‘Less Music Variety’? Cornwall, get ready for ‘I’m So Excited’ by the Pointer Sisters and ‘Time of My Life’ by Medley and Warnes over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

  7. Paul

    I haven’t heard Heart but it can’t be as bad as all that, after all , Danny Pietroni, Scott Mills, Ian Camfield , Gary King and Kara Noble all worked there to name but a few

  8. David Ryder

     It’s great to see Pirate FM carrying on,  and good luck with all your future plans.  Global Radio and Heart is bad news for local radio.

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