Global Radio to launch Heart & Capital TV
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Global Radio to launch Heart & Capital TV

The UK’s biggest radio group Global Radio is making a move into television with Heart TV and Capital TV.

The two non-stop music channels will launch this September, initially on Sky and Freesat.

Ashley Tabor, Global Founder and Executive President gave the news to all Global employees via video link this morning.

Commenting on the development, Stephen Miron, Global Group CEO said: “The creation of Global TV is another exciting step for the company. We continue to grow our business and I’m sure advertisers will enjoy the opportunity of extending their relationship with Heart & Capital as a result of being on TV.

Ashley Tabor said: “Global prides itself on clear, simple brand propositions for its consumers. Brand extension is a natural thing for us to do, for example online, mobile and live events, so I’m delighted we’re now bringing both Heart and Capital’s top class brand quality to music television.”

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  1. George

    Great news from Global Radio . Looking forward to another way of enjoying more music variety!

  2. james vincent

    Tell me the channel number i will delete it… not put local now national radio station on since the loss. screw global. it doesnt exist to me.

  3. Bobby Bob

    JESUS, more boring cut your wrist programming form those idiots at Global. They can’t do interesting, exciting radio, how are they gonna do TV?

  4. Phillip Pholpp

    Im A Big Follower of Broadcasting Throughout The UK but i think Global Going into tv is definetly a No No…As if we dont have enough advertisements through ITV1 Alone…..And look at the mess there in…Come On Ashley Think about it….Obviously an idea from Charles Allen(Formerly ITV).

  5. Joe Cappleman

    oh look, another music only TV station with more adverts than music.
    Why can’t we have at least one of the stations doing an old MTV Ray Cokes style show. It was like a radio breakfast show, but in the evening where TV primetime is.

  6. Laundry Laundry Matt

    so glad they aren’t launching it on Freeview, and Virgin, these are my operators!!
    It is bland enough on the radio, non stop top 20 videos on repeat all day on TV will be boring as hell, that coupled with over 20 adverts per hour.

  7. Arthur Sufflebotham

    Ashley Tabor said: “Global prides itself on clear, simple bland propositions for its consumers.

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