Global Radio wants Heart Cornwall change
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Global Radio wants Heart Cornwall change

A Format change request has been made by Global Radio for Heart Cornwall.

The station is the latest to join the Heart network and new owners Global want to remove its commitment to speech content.

At the moment, the station broadcasts all programmes from Heart Devon, but provides a separate weekday drive-time show to fill the obligation for extra local speech.

Removing the extra speech requirement from its Format will allow Global Radio to drop the daily opt-out show for Cornwall.

The current format says: “A full service local station specifically for cornwall, with speech An important part of the content. It will feature locally-focused News, information and speech content mixed with adult-orientated Popular music for a broad audience with particular appeal for Listeners aged 25-54.”

The suggested replacement is: “A locally oriented music and information station for cornwall, Featuring adult-oriented popular music for a broad audience with
Particular appeal for listeners aged 25-54.”

Global Radio says “The change in the Character of Service is being requested in order to bring the written format description for Heart Cornwall more closely into line with other Heart stations in the South West, whilst ensuring that the range of programmes available in the local area is not narrowed.”

Part of the argument for the change includes the lines “We consider that the new, regional drive-time programme will enhance the range of programmes available in the area by offering a broader regional perspective” and “its former guise as Atlantic FM has always had a geographical focus which extended beyond the county boundary”.

The station, on 107 and 105.1 FM would continue to feature bespoke local news bulletins and presenter links when appropriate.

Ofcom wants any objections or comments to reach them by September 12th with a decision being made usually around 2-3 months later.

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  1. Jay

    How can you “ensure the range of local programmes is not narrowed” while actively narrowing the range of local programmes? Removing a local opt-out can be nothing else!

  2. Aaron James

    The intentions of an ILR 2, as originally campaigned by John Grierson was to have a local alternative to Pirate FM 102. It’s bad enough that Atlantic got gobbled up by Global (or rather sold out by their directors looking for a quick buck, then further insulted by Jeremy Scott in his press release comments), but this would go against the intentions.

    If you own a Cornwall licence- you broadcast to CORNWALL, from CORNWALL. Not from Exeter. If you are unable to do that, then in most industries you would be unfit to hold a licence and would have it revoked. Crank up their devon transmitters so it recieves in cornwall if you must do that, BUT make clear it’s not in any way connected to Cornwall then surrender the local frequencies. There are other groups that can make use of it.

  3. Tony Simon

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, though I’m not bashing my head against a brick wall as life is too short. We’ve got too many stations here. Cornwall is still well serviced by Pirate and didn’t/dosen’t need a commercial sister. Our economy can’t support it. Too many cooks spoil the broth in Cornwall and elsewhere where there are also too many. Err – hello, shut these poxy little supposedly “extra choice” licences down with a TSA of the farmer and his flock and programmes which haven’t moved on from “guess the year” & “who’s the mystery bore…I mean voice”, “guess the object from these clues”, “what’s this noise”, “what’s these lyrics?, “what’s this TV Theme?” (snore) and “what’s the missing bloody word (still snoring)”. Just leave it to the true creatives & the risk takers who are slick with it or just the slick. Then, when clients have just one place to go, Global can afford to maybe localise the frequencies more – like it was intended to be in the beginning. Sorry guys but, with exceptions (community & small scale) that’s the truth. Enthusiasm/quantity is one thing, quality/business is another. When will people wake up, look beyond their nose and realise that Global etc are sorting out the mess left behind by regulators after the IBA…who, by the way…had just moved into the 21st Century when they ceased to be. The only exception now = the spectrum needs a clean-up. Narrow the commercial alternative to our “already innovative in every way BBC” and things will get stronger which, I sense, are global’s intentions. It’s a nice evening so I’m off for a walk…see ya!

  4. Len Groat

    Global say: “The change in the Character of Service is being requested in order to bring the written format description for Heart Cornwall more closely into line with other Heart stations in the South West”

    I say: so give them a REGIONAL SW licence and take this Cornish station away from them….

    Why don’t people in London understand that Cornish = Cornwall, NOT the ‘South West’ ! ?

    Take this Cornish station away from them….

  5. Ronald Ross

    What happened to the words of ILR (Local Independant Radio) is there such a thing now. Over night service that covers scotland comes from Glasgow now and most stations here link into it. Weekends listening is more networked as well. I think the big boys should give up there locals and returned it to the locals as it was intended. CapitalFM is now rebranded a lot of stations to give it a national feel. I have heard more repeats on that station than any other. ILR’s were never to be National stations.

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