Gold replaces LBC on MXR Yorkshire DAB
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Gold replaces LBC on MXR Yorkshire DAB

Global Radio has taken the decision to remove LBC from the Yorkshire regional digital radio multiplex and replace it with Gold.

The service is known as Gold UK, with a feed of Gold London from Global Radio’s HQ in Leicester Square.

The swap was unannounced and unexpected, so we asked Global Radio for a comment. A spokesperson told us: “We are always evolving and developing our radio brands and as part of our ongoing strategy, Gold has replaced LBC on DAB in Yorkshire. LBC is still available across the UK online at, digital TV and through our new apps.”

Gold is already available in the area on the Leeds local multiplex, but it is now expected to be removed to make space for other services on the MXR regional multiplex to move on to when it closes in 2015.

Other regional MXR multiplexes will close between July and September 2013 after joint owners Global Radio and Arqiva decided they didn’t want them anymore.

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  1. Steve J

    “Gold is already available on the other 4 MXR multiplexes in the North
    East, North West, South Wales & Severn Estuary and the West

    Gold is not on MXR or any other multiplex in the West Midlands. It was on the Wolverhampton and Birmingham local multiplexes but was replaced by Free Radio 80s in September

      1. pazzleman

        Having said that I can still get it on my Pure Evoke Flow so I’m laughing(although it does use a tiny bit of my usage allowance).Five star rated radio if you can afford one peeps.

  2. Steph

    Bit gutted about this as an exiled Londoner up in Yorkshire. Ok, it wasn’t on my tuner all the time – some DJs are a little right-wing/reactionary for my liking, but Nick Abbott, Clive Bull and Anthony Davis were great in the evenings, David & Ken on a Saturday is an institution and can’t forget a bit of Cristo overnight too.

    What’s more frustrating is that we’ve got enough stations either in the ‘classics/gold’ format in this area – LBC was something different and an alternative to 5Live.

    1. Global out of Radio

      Have to agree with all the posters on here – when will Global ever give a damn about providing a varied and interesting selection of services. They are strangling commercial radio and the sooner they are gone from out dials the better. This region does not have a talk station (in fact, what region outside London does) so to have yet another music channel repeating what is already avaialable (bland, old, repetitive, pointless, uninspiring……..) just seems wrong. Come on global, you are big enough to make commercial radio interesting again but somehow I think we will all continue to switch off whilst you continue to churn out the same old tripe.

      1. Radio Geordie

        Liverpool is supposed to have one called CITY TALK (at least that’s what it was called when they won the licence).

        These days though, it should be called CITY LESS TALK as there’s very little talk on it these days. Makes you wonder why OFCON haven’t revoked the licence.

        1. Declan McGrath

          And Radio Gordie they air less speach lead programming with a lot more news form the Sky News Centre and comtemporary music. I agree with you on that one mate

  3. Radio Geordie

    I said the other day that Gold could be replacing the Smooth Christmas service from December 27th on Digital 1. This story seems to back that thought. It may also be possible for LBC to also move across to Digital 1 as there is still space available for a mono service – which LBC is on DAB.

    1. MB

      There is no space left on Digital 1 until 27th December. Smooth Christmas has taken the last slot (this is the 64k vacated by Amazing Radio when they left Digital 1 in May).

  4. Paul Wilby

    Massive disappointnent and wont touch your music channels with a bargepole.

    Pathetic decision. Naive. What do you know about your listeners? We listen to LBC because we want talk radio. There’s a million music radio stations out there far better than what Gold can provide, so why don’t you be man enough to admit your mistake and revert back?

    Talksport and 5-Live are rubbing their hands.

    You Idiots

  5. Mrs Angry

    I bought a bedside DAB radio just for listening to late night talk shows. I won’t be listening to Gold. There’s already a ton of music stations out there anyway. This has to be the stupidest decision ever.

    1. steve

      If you have broadband with a wireless router it might be an idea to buy an internet radio such as a Roberts Stream 205, awesome radio, you can still listen to LBC

  6. amarkr

    Gold has now gone from the sheffield mux and its disappointing that it is now only in mono on the regional mux. Nothing seems to have filled the gap in Sheffield/S. Yorks.
    How do global stand with automatic license renewal for Capital (Galaxy) and Real. WIll they have to find space on Sheffield Leeds and Bradford for them both and humberside for Capital?

  7. Londoner 'Ooop North

    This is disgraceful. Some of us don’t have smart phones or Sky TV and I don’t want to have a laptop beside my bed all night thank you! I have been texting and tweeting to LBC last week and they told me ‘engineers were fixing the problem’ I have listened to LBC since 1990 religiously every night possible and think it is a dreadful way to treat loyal listeners – SHOCKED! Have just emailed James Rea the Managing Editor of LBC (sorry James yours was the only email I had!) Will let you know if I get a response! Went through all this when living in London with the Save LBC campaign in the 90’s! Sad, sad day.

  8. Laraine

    I have been listening to LBC here in Lincolnshire for several years now, and just feel so dreadful about this. Most of the presenters are excellent, their shows are so good, and never dull. I am even going to miss the London cabbies so much! Is there anything that can be done?

  9. Gaz

    Doing away with LBC in yorkshire is a joke.The whole point of getting DAB was to have a variety of stations to listen to.Some of us don’t work 9 to 5 and would like to listen to grown up radio in the middle of the night. BRING BACK LBC!

  10. Campesque

    Absolutely gutted about this decision. Although resident in Yorkshire, we spend a lot of time in London and all our family are there. LBC was the only reason I bought a digital radio! Apart from keeping me up to speed with events in the capital, it is the only talk radio station worth listening to. I hope we get it back soon.

  11. MSOLdn

    Have any of these LBC listeners who are so gutted considered acquiring a smart phone (plus radio app) or a bedside table radio with internet capabilities ?? Easy and inexpensive solutions to a simple problem for any loyal listener !!

    1. Ben

      But why should ‘these LBC listeners’ shell out when they already have a DAB radio that for years has provided LBC and was sold to them on the premise of choice? Wi-fi radios are expensive, not perfect and very few in number (as I have discovered), and who on earth listens to radio via a smart phone in bed?!? Hardly a practical or convenient alternative.

      1. MSOLdn

        Ben, I’m one of those freaks who listens via smartphone in bed! The TuneIn and Global’s own apps both work wonderfully for this purpose. My wife and I are also both long-term satisfied users of internet table radios, and you’re exaggerating both their cost and lack of perfection. A short visit to Amazon or any John Lewis store should set you straight, mate, if you think they’re few in number. Also, DAB continues to expand, so there’s no valid overall argument that choice is diminishing.

  12. Huriye

    LBC was Britain’s first commercial station, in October 1973, and it will continue broadcasting whichever company owns it. I wish Global would realise what a unique station it is, and not insist that presenters constantly repeat the frequency every 10 seconds like it’s some cheap music station. The lack of recognition by the Sony Awards committee doesn’t help. The notion that Stephen Nolan on 5Live covered the August 2011 riots better than LBC’s Cristo Foufas’ Overnight show, with callers constantly updating the latest incidents, is laughable, not to say absurd!

  13. alan

    I am dead sick that I cannot receive LBC here in South Yorkshire anymore.There is such diversity in the talk shows money/politics/news etc.I only listened to LBC as there are no other good talk stations.I will not listen to BBc or watch there TV stations on principle as they are so left wing.I guess I will have to invest in internet radio now [more money]

  14. Chris

    Don’t forget LBC is on Sky channel 0112,and 0124 for News 1152,you can get a box and dish without subscription to listen to radio!

  15. trev

    Very annoyed about this. I live in North Yorkshire and LBC is the only station worth listening to after Talksport went to the dogs. So I bought a Sony DAB today just to listen to it but can’t. I shall be taking it back for a refund as I am not interested in the other stations. It is a lot to spend for a radio that is no better than a cheap £5 job.

  16. Moneybox

    This has happened to us today in Swansea. What a krass way to treat loyal listeners. Shame on them. STUFF EM

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