September 23, 2014

Roberto to replace Simon Dale on Heart

Former Capital mid-morning presenter Roberto is to take over the evening show on the Heart network, replacing Simon Dale.

Simon is leaving Heart after three years to “pursue other interests” and will host his last show tonight (Friday).

Roberto starts his new show this weekend, and will run from 7pm, Sunday to Thursday, and Club Classics from 7pm on Friday.

Speaking about his new role, Roberto said: “I’m so excited to be joining the Heart family, being alongside presenters such as Emma Bunton and Jason Donovan. My show is going to be really interactive, lots of fun and I can’t wait to get started!”

Global Radio’s Director of Broadcasting Richard Park said: “Roberto has a proven track history at Global Radio as a popular, talented and enthusiastic presenter and I know that he will be a hit with our Heart listeners. We’d like to thank Simon Dale for all his hard work over the last three years and we wish him every success for the future.”

Radio Today has learnt that other weekday schedule changes are planned for Heart but Global Radio declined to comment at this stage.

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  • James Martin

    Shame we’re losing Club Classics midweek… really enjoyed the music. It will be missed.

    • James Martin

      Why the vote down, out of interest?

  • Mj

    I Like it where it says interactive , how , the presenters only can speak for a few seconds and don’t have many links anyway .

    Lets hope they change the music as its the same tunes over and over .

  • James Martin

    That’s why I liked Club Classics… if I want Stooshe’s Black Heart, I have Spotify.

  • Davinia Whu Chalkley


    • James Martin

      You won’t be tuning into Club Classics at all – it’s been cut back to Friday and Saturday nights, sadly.

      What is sad, though, is I mentioned to my sister – who’s a bigger fan of Capital than I am of Heart – that Roberto was starting on Heart this week.

      My sister said, “Who?”

      I said “You know, Roberto, who used to do 10-1 on Capital… you must know who he is”

      Sister… “I couldn’t even tell you who does breakfast on Capital.”

      OK, she consumes the radio like a “normal” person – I certainly don’t as my hatred of late-night love songs shows, it seems! – but listens to much more of Capital than I do of Heart. Yet she couldn’t even name me Dino & Pete? I get Capital isn’t personality led, for sure – but when our rating system relies entirely on recall, isn’t that a bit worrying?

  • gold8999

    Heart is poor when it comes to ‘personality’ radio, surely it should try and do this if they take over the Real stations.
    Real, whilst a bit haphazard with playlists, at least allows personality and some semblance of locality.
    Heart doesn’t – the likes of Lucy Ellis, Julian Jones get short links, and really they should be doing Radio 1 mid-mornings (Lucy) and drive (Julian), since they’re both former network talents – one from GCap, the other used on Heart’s 80s show occasionally.
    I wish Radio 1 would take these two presenters to replace Fearne Cotton and Greg James…

    • James Martin

      You are making a very classic, but incorrect, assumption that Amount of Personality is directly proportional to Amount of Speech. This is simply not true. A 30 second link can have three times the amount of personality as a 90 second one, if done correctly. Fire up RadioPlayer of a weekday afternoon and check out Andy Miller on Gem 106 drive as a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

      • longwood

        I agree with gold8999 about Lucy Ellis and Julian Jones – maybe Nick Grimshaw should go from breakfast and get the likes of Matt Jarvis from Heart Dunstable to do breakfast on Radio 1?
        Whilst I’m not really one for fantasy schedules, if I were PC of Radio 1:
        1am Non-Stop Music
        4am Dev
        6am Matt Jarvis at Breakfast
        10am Lucy Ellis
        1pm Paul Harper (from Real Radio Scotland)
        4pm Julian Jones
        7pm Nick Grimshaw
        10pm Scott Mills (possible late night love type show)

        It’s a little Bannister-esque, but could work…

  • Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    I Do Think All Heart Stations
    Should Join Up To Heart Tv And Do Broadcast The Same Songs What Is Shown On Heart Tv Wright Now That Would Be Better Now

    • James Martin


    • CAPital

      I’m Going To Steal The Caps Lock And Shift Keys Off Your Keyboard