James Whale leaves LBC 97.3 after 5 years
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James Whale leaves LBC 97.3 after 5 years

After five years at LBC 97.3, afternoon drive presenter James Whale is leaving the station after his contract was not renewed.

jameswhalelbcRadioToday confirmed the news of his departure Monday evening on Twitter, which was followed by James tweeting the reason for his sudden exit.

James tweeted: “I can confirm that @lbc973 have not renewed my contract. Proud to have been part of the team that gave them the highest rateings for 20 years”

Speaking to RadioToday, James said: “LBC don’t want to renew my contract because they want to take the show in a different direction. I didn’t get chance to say goodbye, and I think after Danny Baker you probably don’t.

“I’ve enjoyed my time there and I wish them luck in the future”.

A spokesperson for LBC 97.3 said: “We can confirm that James Whale has left LBC 97.3 at the end of his contract. We would like to thank him for all his hard work and commitment on the drive time programme and we wish him all the best for the future.”

The three-times Sony Award winner joined the London talk station in August 2008 as a cover jock before being signed up for drivetime in September 2008.

Prior to LBC he was at talkSPORT for 13 years but was let go for suggesting to listeners that they vote for Boris Johnson just before the London mayoral election in 2008. The station was fined £20,000 because James “seriously breached the due impartiality rules at the time of an election”.

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  1. arcsinice

    Whenever I had the chance via computer here in Barackistan (the former United States), I made it a point for all the right reasons to “listen” to James……… A brilliant individual, so v. well informed with the right perspective. Hands down the best on LBC, period! He IS why I “tuned” in LBC.
    LBC is demonstrating its pathetic and alogether obsequious bow down before burgeoning liberal Totalitarianism by effectively sacking Whale.
    I know I don’t count to LBC as I am not in England so the advertisers don’t make a penny on me but if I am like many, LBC has truly hurt itself, as well, the nation by cowtowing to liberal fascism.

  2. graham forster

    LBC has made a big mistake in getting rid of James Whale i for one have already stopped listening to the station

  3. Bobo Clarke

    As a long-time listener to, it has to be said ‘right-wing’, LBC I have only just twigged about the mysterious comings and goings of LBC presenters. One moment you’re listening to a broadcasting doyen – next – they’re unceremoniously dismissed off LBC without any announcement to ‘loyal LBC listeners’ as to why. This shows LBC management as wholly disrespectful to it’s listenership. Curious as to why ‘that turn-off irritating Iain Dale’ has dismayingly taken over the James Whale slot I googled – and – here I am writing this comment expressing my surprise, indignation and disgust with LBC 97.3 London’s Biggest Contradiction!

  4. topsy

    i loved listening to james whale it was always interesting on his show do not listen anymore at 4pm.

  5. Pat Fraser

    i loved jameswhalesometimescontroversialbutalwaysentertainingcantstandpomposafjamesmaxgetridofhimou

  6. Laredo Lomo

    James, the reason I listen to LBC. No one like him. Despite his rudeness and non-challant atitude sometimes. I still love him with all my all. IRREplaceable James Whale!!

  7. James Aldreds

    Such great news that he has left. Now at least there is someone with a brain to listen to.

  8. P. bishop

    Why don’t james whale , Danny baker, John gaunt start there own radio station ,, ???

  9. Siv Johnson

    Sorry to hear that James Whale has gone. I love his show and the way he talks. Some times he could be rude. But that’s how it should be. Very Sad and I don’t think Iain Dale will replace him.

    Siv Johnson

  10. Missy

    JW, I will miss u immensely! I am one of your biggest fans and couldn’t wait to get in the car after work to listen to drive.I will be following you to your next career move.You are simply the best.

  11. Stan Rawlinson

    I loved the James Whale show and was part of it, as the expert he sometimes used when there were any dog related headlines.

    The new guy does not have the personality. They have a few good presenters Nick Ferrari being one. But some like James O’Brien are opinionated louts.

    LBC has gone in the wrong direction losing a extremely popular presenter Like James.

  12. Jay

    I have been an avid watcher/listener to James Whale since the 80’s tv show late at night. Whilst I haven’t always agreed with his views (even sometimes angered by them) I think there should most definitely be a place for him on the airwaves. Until I hear you pop up again somewhere else on the radio James, I wish you and Melinda the very best and thank you for being a part of my life for more than 25 years. Radio has no hope of being as good without you.

  13. Chris Jago Richardson

    He told a caller that he had “no voice on HIS show” if he didn’t vote in an election. Oh very democratic of him to stop a caller having his say simply because the caller didn’t think that any of the parties on offer were worth voting for. I won’t apologize for being glad to see the back of the arrogant, up himself, overbearing swanker.

  14. Rick Higgins.

    Mr Whale may have amused the drunks after the pubs had thrown out 20/30 years ago but Just did not have the professionalism to cut it with a cognisant audience.

  15. The Listener

    This is good me for me as I’ve started listening to LBC drive time again feeling entertained and informed. Rather than angered & frustrated over James’s unnecessarily confrontational, insulting & arrogant manner.

  16. Pais

    I am so relieved that Messrs Whale has left LBC drive time. having listen to his badly researched and ill informed ideas at prime time. I never really objected to his rudeness per se but being obnoxious is no substitute for intellectual debate and that was in the main all James Whale did best.

    I wish him the best and maybe he deserves to be heard somewhere on air but NOT on LBC prime time.

  17. Name

    James Whales is a brilliant presentator just don’t understand why LBC let him go and keeping the like of David & Ken most boring thing on the radio every Saturday just switch off . Bring James Whales back .



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