LBC removed from Glasgow's DAB multiplex
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LBC removed from Glasgow’s DAB multiplex

Global Radio has removed LBC 97.3 from DAB digital radio in Glasgow, prompting a number of posts on social media regarding the decision.

lbc973The London station had been broadcasting on the Score Digital multiplex, owned by Bauer, but is now transmitting a looped message informing listeners of the removal of the service, explaining that LBC is still available via a mobile phone app and digital TV.

A Global Radio spokesperson told RadioToday: “Due to a reorganisation of DAB capacity in Glasgow, LBC is no longer available on the local DAB multiplex. However, listeners can still enjoy LBC online at, on digital TV and through our apps.”

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  1. mark budgen

    Pity LBC really doesn’t do much for London, let alone the country. It’s focused on London, yet talks about things of general interest to the rest of the country – where are the programmes focused on living in London? It’s a very confused editorial stance.

    1. MB

      In terms of market share it’s the second biggest local London station (behind Magic) so they must be doing something right.

      It talks about items of general interest because people in London don’t want to hear about London issues all of the time. There is no confusion there, Clive Bull and Iain Dale regularly discuss London matters.

      If they take it national it will destroy its USP and more people in the capital will tune to 5 Live, which has a better resourced news service from the BBC. For Global it’s much better to leave it as it is, a station for Londoners. If they broadcast it on DAB across the UK the London focus will diminish. It’s still available via Sky and the internet but these are less popular digital platforms for radio listening.

  2. Hiroshada

    “…prompting a number of posts on social media regarding the decision.”

    From this report, that number appears to be… two.

    Both from the same guy.

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