Galloway goes national at Bauer Scotland
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Galloway goes national at Bauer Scotland

Clyde 1 presenter Robin Galloway is to host breakfast on Bauer Media’s network of AM stations across Scotland from July 1st, ending local shows.

It means the end of local breakfast shows at the Greatest Hits Network of stations – Clyde 2, Forth 2, Northsound 2, Tay AM and West Sound.

Robin will replace Riddy in the morning on Cylde 2, Bob on Forth Two, McRuvie in the Morning on Northsound 2, Waggy at Breakfast on Tay AM and Kenny Campbell at Breakfast on West Sound.

Some local breakfast presenters will now host networked shows.

Local news, sport, traffic and travel will continue to be broadcast but this move means the stations will be networked 24 hours a day.

Robin Galloway will be replaced on Clyde 1 Drivetime by Suzie McGuire.

It follows a similar move to Magic stations in the North of England which have recently dropped local breakfast shows in favour of regional ones.

robingalloway180The network is also increasing its specialist music output, by introducing a daily themed show every weekday at 7pm; plus extending its specialist shows to broadcast right across Scotland.

A new two-hour Scotland-wide topical talk show is also launching on Sunday mornings focusing on the issues affecting Scotland, such as the independence referendum. This show will be hosted by Ally Bally, with input from Bauer Media Scotland’s news teams as well as political Editor Colin McKay.

Graham Bryce, Managing Director, Bauer Media Scotland said: “Robin is one of the most talented presenters in Scotland, who brings with him years of experience entertaining audiences across the nation, most notably in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

“Having him spearhead our Greatest Hit’s Network revitalisation and being the voice of the brands across the nation is a clear indication of how serious we are about these stations, investing in the best possible content for our listeners and winning new audiences.

“We’re confident that this new and potent mix of entertainment and music content, delivered by the right personalities, will continue to delight, engage and grow local audiences right across Scotland.“

Robin Galloway said: “Right now I’m pinching myself. To host a brand new breakfast show for Scotland is not only an honour but way beyond my wildest dreams. Of course, as I’ll be rising in the middle of the night, that’s it for the dreaming.

“The new show will feature some of my signature segments plus brand new features, the greatest hits and of course everything you need to start your day. It really will be the most entertainment you can have with your clothes on – if you know what I mean.”

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  1. Joni

    It would be good if RadioToday could at least pretend to not copy and paste from press releases….”This stimulating show will be hosted by Ally Bally.”

    Really poor effort

  2. Radio Geordie

    Why are Bauer bothering to keep the station’s individual names?

    If they are are part of the Greatest Hits Network why not just call it something like GHR (Greatest Hits Radio) or SGHR (Scotland’s Greatest Hits Radio)?

    The thing I don’t understand is, why Moray Firth’s AM service is not part of the network even though it split its AM and FM services over a year ago?

    1. David Sim

      AM and FM are simulcast on MFR except from 7pm – 10pm when specialist shows are broadcast on AM.

      I expect at some point AM / MFR 2 DAB will join “Magic Scotland” – at the moment the second DAB service is just a commercial free jukebox.

  3. piddle

    so its the end of local radio know,,wont be listening to this clown,,as he is replacing a very good friend of mine,,so its Chris Evans here we come,,,

  4. AlecP

    Disgraceful. I cannot believe it is the end of Mike Riddoch on Clyde 2 Breakfast. Robin Galloway is certainly not an adequate replacement to cater for the audiences who listen to Bauer AM Scottish stations.

    This will also affect I presume Dean Park on the weekends?

    So will the name Clyde 2 disappear? Not much point having local branding when there will be NO local programmes going forward.

    A dreadful decision.

  5. Joyce Crawford

    Yeah I won’t be listening to his replacement on drive time on Clyde 1- can’t stand McGuire!! He will be missed on Clyde 1 as I rather like his quirkiness. Really daft decision to do this-who listens to AM nowadays. Sounds like cost cutting to me. We will miss you Robin.

    1. Isabel Braidwood

      i think it is a good move as i love robin and suzie and i will listen to clyde even more now

  6. DaveP

    Remember working as the ‘Saturday Boy’ at Radio Clyde many, many years ago. Proud of what we did & provided a proper local service. Bauer is controlling all the scottish stations now & really sad to see all the local boys getting the sack. Can understand the overnight FM/AM from a central source, but think a stage too far this time! If the Clyde 2 format was on FM I really think it would be a winner

  7. Allyb

    Listeners will leave Northsound 2 in droves. McRuvie is a legend and the reason we listen to the station is the local content. Don’t want to know what Jeannie in Paisley is doing. Original FM for me in the future.

  8. DaveP

    Robin Galloway is just like George Bowie. I really dont think the listeners of Clyde 2 (Yes, there were many!) are into early morning drivel

  9. Peter Smith

    Robin Galloway isn’t fit to tie the shoe laces of Mike Riddoch, who ever thought up this bright idea needs their head examined as people listen to LOCAL radio for that word, local.

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