Isn't it good to know.... Capital Radio
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Isn’t it good to know…. Capital Radio

Capital Radio is turning 40 years old today as the station first started broadcasting in London on October 16th 1973, just over a week after commercial radio began with LBC.

And in true RadioToday style, we’re celebrating with a YouTube clip full of old jingles.


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  1. John B-S

    Great fun to hear these old jingles and clips again. Just a shame this 40th anniversary didn’t even get a mention on Capital FM today. Seems no-one at Global cares about this piece of radio history. The modern station on 95.8 and DAB is bland, heavily playlisted and bears no relation to Capital Radio the way it was back in 1973.

    1. stevieg

      Totally agree. The original Capital radio was like a breath of fresh air. Who will ever forget the legendary Roger Scott? Today’s apology for a radio station just stinks the place out.

        1. PaulA

          Oh the memories, such fond memories, as Steveig said it was a breath of fresh air and missed to this day. The summer jingles were by Chris Rainbow, master of overdubbing and vocal harmony. Roger Scott is a legend and often refered to as the “DJ’s DJ”

    2. MB

      BBC Radio 1 is nothing like it was in 1973 either, radio stations have to move with the times. Anyone who was around on 16th October 1973 is not in the target age range for Capital today. They can’t carry on playing Simon & Garfunkel and Neil Sedaka forever.
      The 40th anniversary has been celebrated – there are several pictures on the internet of Dave & Lisa with birthday cakes and there were on-air mentions of it.

      1. John B-S

        Of course I don’t expect Capital to sound like it did in 1973 – that would clearly be ridiculous. I am glad the birthday got a mention after all, but when I tuned in at 6am yesterday I heard nothing at all – not even on their news bulletins. There was also nothing about it on their website when I looked and no-one at Global appeared to know anything when I rang in to ask about it.

      2. John B-S

        It would have been fun to hear a few of these old jingles and clips played on the Capital FM breakfast show yesterday. I wouldn’t have minded if they had sent it up. Instead Dave and Lisa repeated bits of an interview they had done with Britney Spears on Monday. It was just business as usual, I got bored and tuned in to something else.

  2. Night Moves

    It was mentioned on Capital Radio Yorkshire breakfast this morning. I was listening in 1973 and still do today, if you want to hear that type of 1973 output again just listen to many of the “Truly Local Output & Managed” independent stations today, many haven’t changed.

    1. John B-S

      What are these “Truly Local Output & Managed” stations? I haven’t heard of them. A lot of these have disappeared surely or been taken over by the likes of Capital or Heart.

  3. Simon Barnett

    I remember as a very small lad listening to Capital all the time in the 70s and 80s. Very little has ever beaten the inventiveness and atmosphere of actually belonging to that community of listeners. We tried it at GLR but the powers that be wouldn’t let it be.


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