Gold drops presenters outside breakfast
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Gold drops presenters outside breakfast

Global Radio’s Gold network is to become a non-stop music service outside breakfast, with four presenters leaving the station, RadioToday can reveal.

Paul Coyte, Dean Martin, Eamonn Kelly and Andy Peebles will all leave Gold as their contracts draw to a close, with David Andrews keeping Saturday breakfast and his new early weekday breakfast show on the growing Smooth Radio brand. Eamonn Kelly will also host his new Sunday Breakfast show on sister station Smooth and Shaun Tilley will continue as cover jock.

Gold will come off most of its AM frequencies and DAB multiplexes across the UK on March 23rd, leaving the station only transmitting in London, East Midlands and Manchester.

The More Music Breakfast Show with Tony Dibbin continues, weekdays from 6am to 10am. Tony will also host the Sunday breakfast show and Simon Hirst will also continue presenting ‘Vinyl Heaven’ every Saturday afternoon, from midday.

A statement from the station says: “As part of the changes, Gold will be playing even more of the Greatest Hits of all Time, including non-stop ‘Music Marathons’ throughout the week.”

A new, as yet unnamed service with a similar format description to Gold – “playing music from the 70s, 80s and early 90s with particular appeal to audiences aged 35-54″ – will launch on national Digital 1 shortly.

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  1. lizquinnshields

    this is a bad. idea .dean martin has such a hugh audence its crazy what you are doing..i live in ireland & have gold on 24/ my friends do.but thats gonna change.. as we will not support your new changes.the national radio here done the same.with the sunday morning big & now we listen to today fm on sunday morning to the oldies please reconsider the ammount of listeners that your turning to other chanells

  2. Ivan Crooger

    Keeping Dibbin on the breakfast show…….why oh why…….Eammon Kelly is leagues above him in terms of presentation and audience interaction…….

    1. MP

      Dibbin also is Gold’s music scheduler, so someone will be able to multi-task scheduling the automated output while presenting Breakfast.

    2. Peggy

      i love to hear tony dibbins on gold radio he. Bring a laughter I would like to hear the hollies more I love listening to his station every night the only station I love to listen too, my name is Peggy Hamilton from surprise Arizona u.s.a.

  3. Patricia Rowland

    I am really annoyed about this decision by Gold. I am in my 70’s and Dean Martin’s 50’s hour on Sunday evening and two hours on Friday night are the only place on radio that I can hear my favourite music. I certainly won’t be listening to Gold after 23rd March. Does anyone know of any other stations that play 50’s music?

    1. HikerandCo Forestfm

      Forest FM the fabulous 50 s radio show and a whole host of programmes with personality presenters 92.3 FM in Dorset and the New Forest and on Radio player & Tune In etc

  4. James Adams

    Scandalous. OFCOM should take the service away and give it to someone
    who knows how to make good radio. The fact that you try to dress this up
    as a good thing “As part of the changes, Gold will be playing even more
    of the Greatest Hits of all Time, including non-stop ‘Music Marathons’
    throughout the week.” makes me think politicians are running this
    station, only they could try and dress up such a farce!

      1. MB

        Radio Listener: I don’t think so – Ofcom found them in breach of format on Heart Cornwall last month. Perhaps you missed that?
        James Adams: Why should Ofcom take the licence away when they are doing exactly the same as Jack FM – live breakfast and then music, news and travel the rest of the day? Jack has increased audience in every area where it has launched.

  5. Rog Parsons

    So when does Gold close? – because with this sort of decision making it’s cutting it’s own corporate throat .

  6. MP

    I’m surprised at the amount of presentation output that remains. On a Saturday, Gold will have live output from 8am-4pm with Simon Hirst continuing from Leeds in the afternoon, yet only four hours on weekdays.

  7. Matt

    Heart Extra – when it Launches I think will take over all the Gold Stations that’ll remain, and launch nationally, meaning Gold closes, hence the reason for the cuts.
    The new national station will probably start with limited presenters, and concentrate on the older Heart music.

    1. SM

      I read somewhere on twitter that Heart Extra is most likely the new name for the new station thats launching very soon on D1, replacing Smooth Radio UK.

  8. Len Groat

    I’m pleased you have posted this today after it was issued late on Friday afternoon.

    The ‘Gold Radio’ page on FB is awash with comments from VERY upset faithful listeners – they see it as THEIR station!

  9. dk

    We lost gold in west midlands a few years ago replaced by voice tracked free 80 . Sounds like gold is going the same way ?.
    AM is on it,s last legs !

  10. Darren Leonard Spillane

    To be honest it’s taken a lot for me to get my head round all this and to be honest I’m feeling really broken by all this things just get worse and worse when computers take over.I really hope a load of you will do whatever you can get into the global building on Monday and do whatever you can cos it’s already bad enough that CD’s are going and all turning into downloads with HMV and now Gold are gonna be automated 20 hours of the day.I even found it weird when Gold decided to go automated a few years ago from midnight-6 in the morning just going from bad to worse.Which is 1 of the reasons why Gold was far better 5 years or more ago as there was a presenter on think it was Gary Ziepe at least then Gold had requests overnight as well.

  11. matt

    So does this mean Gold South Wales still has a pre-recorded show in the afternoon?f I remember correctly Gold South Wales was required a number of local hours from OFCOM for being in Wales.I hope so, I just really hope these major changes on all networked stations come back and haunt the company.

  12. Larry Lujack, Jr.

    I don´t think we are suppose to have access but we have been listening here in Alabama (USA) for quite a few years and love GOLD. I first discovered the station while in Spain, listening at night on 1548 AM. The DJs MAKE the station and will be missed, especially Dean who is great with the requests and putting listeners on air. Anyone can play music – including me with my old iPod.

  13. Bart

    Most gold listeners live in care homes and have limited hearing and dementia.

    It will all be forgotten about soon.

    1. guest

      how dare you, you are the one with dementia if that’s what you think, and no, GOLD fans have NOT forgotten.

  14. keith plymouth

    I loved gold and the dj’s like Dean Martin, we in our office listened to the station all day -great until they switched it off and put smooth in its place – what a mistake! Andrew Castle and Kate Garraway great for TV not radio. Bring back Gold to our radios and take smooth off.

  15. John an Elvis fan

    Listen to the new revamped station every day minus the inane speak from the previous DJs with total delight.I am only surprised that the move wasn’t undertaken light years ago.

    1. `AlMorr

      Not all the DJs speak inane talk, however, I admit I do also have preference to non-stop music stations.or the talk being kept to a minimum

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