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The new sound of KISS

Kiss 101 (South Wales and the West) and Kiss 105-108 (East Anglia) have launched this morning at 7am. At the same time, the new sound of Kiss 100 in London has arrived. The first song played on all three stations was Promiscuous, an R&B/Hip Hop song performed by Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland.

The new network has one new website address, which is now live at totalkiss.com, with live streaming of all three stations.

Andy Roberts, in his new role as group programme director of the expanded Kiss network, has been working over the last few months to refresh the sound of the stations.

He said: ?It?s important that Kiss constantly evolves. It must never stand still either musically or editorially and it must not be afraid to take risks. More and more technology will play a huge role in how people consume us but at the core of this we must continue to create engaging programming that people can use and interact with. Since coming back to Kiss in May I?ve already refreshed the music policy providing a more optimistic and upbeat promise to the listener along with a new selection of presenters and specialist DJ?s to come. This is again a great time for a new Kiss and for new listeners to discover Kiss from our new Network of stations.?

Click here to listen to the launch of Kiss 101. Or here to hear how Kiss 105-108 read the exact same script.

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