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Capital FM expands in the UK

The Capital FM brand has been rolled out to eight further regions of the UK today, spelling the end of the Galaxy network, Red Dragon FM, Leicester Sound, Ram FM and Trent FM.

Local late-breakfast shows started in each region at 10am whilst Capital FM London continues as normal, pending all stations joining together at 1pm.

Capital FM London will remain a London-centric station, whilst the new quasi-national network will mostly receive a second feed with pre-recorded links from Leicester Square. Local breakfast and drive shows will remain on weekdays in Scotland, North East, Yorkshire, Manchester, Birmingham, East Midlands, South Wales, South Coast and London.

Global Founder and Executive President, Ashley Tabor said: “This is a monumental day for British commercial radio, Capital FM, and Global. The UK has never had a national commercial hits station before, this is game changing – another national brand, delivered locally, from Global Radio."

CapitalFM.com has a new look, with local websites for each new region, and station imaging for London remains the same. A new television commercial will air in each location.

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