Metro raise £80k on Peru trek

Metro Radio breakfast presenter Tony Horne’s led a team of charity trekkers from Newcastle to the Andes, raising £80,000 for the station’s Cash for Kids appeal.

He did regular updates back to the North East in what we’re told were there first ever live broadcasts to the UK from Machu Picchu.

Tony came up with the idea of scaling one of the seven wonders of the world through a combination of two things; raising money for children in the North East and embarking on a life-changing experience. He then pulled together a team of 24 fundraisers and set about on their amazing adventure.

After leaving Newcastle on the 13 May, the team reached the Lost City of the Incas on Friday and began their journey back home having raised tens of thousand of pounds for charity.

A Bauer spokesman told us: “Tony and his trekkers had been warned about the pitfalls and dangers of altitude sickness, which can absolutely immobilise even the fittest of people. As they reached higher and higher plains and the air got thinner and thinner, the locals came to them with a solid piece of advice and some rather speculative materials. Peru visitors are always offered the coco leaf, which is revered as being invaluable to improving circulation. This is the very same leaf which gave birth to the multi-billion pound cocaine trade, but when brewed nicely in tea is, as Tony stated, “the fine line between being the subject of an undercover Panorama special and pitching yourself as some sort of Ray Mears expert for the Andes!”

Posted on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 at 2:00 pm by RadioToday UK

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