Bauer Radio puts local content on apps

Kiss and Magic owner Bauer is to use new technology to create smartphone apps that’ll mean listeners can be targeted with location-based content.

The move comes through a partnership with tech firm Screenreach and means advertisers will get real-time updates on the effectiveness of campaigns.

Bauer tell us the ‘Screach’ technology will enable them to ‘create real-time, location-based content to provide consumers and advertisers with a more engaging, compelling experience.’

Advertisers will be able to extend their sponsorship and promotion campaigns into the mobile space with Bauer – the UK’s second biggest commercial radio operator – from next month.

Bruce Mitchell, Digital Product & Innovation Director for Bauer Radio said: “Screach technology helps us create more compelling content and another reason for consumers to further adopt digital platforms for listening. Until now, radio applications have been a one-way listening experience. Our partnership with Screach unlocks the full potential of the smartphone and links it to our broadcast output, so wherever our listeners are, they have the chance to engage with us in a way that keeps them longer with our stations and provides a reward for doing so.”

Steve Taylor, Creative Commercial Director, Bauer Radio added: “Screach has the potential to revolutionise our Sponsorship and Promotions offering. With increasing numbers of consumers listening to radio on smartphones, Screach brings together the portable nature of radio with the location capabilities of mobile. This added new dimension delivers a fantastic potential for our clients to better engage through on-air campaigns and interact with listeners at station events”.

Screenreach CEO, Paul Rawlings said: “We’re very excited to be partnering with Bauer to bring Screach interactive experiences to radio stations across their network. It’s a fantastic partnership that will revolutionise how radio stations interact with their listeners in this digital age.”

The ‘screach’ technology works on smartphones including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Bauer say they’ve had more than a million downloads of their radio smartphone apps in the last 12 months.

Posted on Monday, August 22nd, 2011 at 2:12 pm by RadioToday UK

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