Heart helps with X Factor music choices

X Factor judge Kelly Rowland says she listens to Global Radio station Heart to help her choose songs for her acts to perform on the ITV1 show.

The Destiny’s Child singer has told Heart showbiz reporter Charlie Girling in an interview that she’s a big fan of the station and its playlist.

Kelly told the station: “I remember being on tour and Heart radio helped me make my decisions on the playlist for the girls. One time, I was making a final decision on Janet’s song and on Sophie’s song and I logged onto Heart radio. I saw ‘last 10 songs’ so did the last ten songs and one of them was Katy Perry and another one was another Coldplay song. It wasn’t ‘Fix You’, but I still felt good about it. Thank you Heart radio!”

Kelly added: “I got a chance this year to really get into Take That and one of my favourite songs and the melody is so sick is ‘Rule the World’. So when you play a Take That record, I’m like, ‘Gary!!’. And then I hear a great Eurythmics record. The balance that you have is really great – of some of today’s music, like this generation, it’s just great. I love Heart radio, I listen to it when I’m away, I love it.”

Listen to a clip of Kelly’s interview with Heart here.

Posted on Friday, October 14th, 2011 at 6:10 am by RadioToday UK

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