James Whale launches podcast debates

LBC presenter James Whale is recording a series of free discussion show podcasts, which he says he hopes will help provide a cure for political apathy in the UK.

The 30-minute programmes are being produced by Wise Buddah, whose talent division manage the talk show presenter.

‘The James Whale Manifesto – Getting Britain Back on Track in 2012’, sees Whale team up with two studio guests to, we’re told, provide ‘outlandish solutions to the big issues facing the UK in 2012’. Topics will include race relations, war, the monarchy, and the environment. The first is already released and covers austerity.

James said: “With the UK going to hell in a handcart I want to encourage people to take part in debate about the state of the country. Someone has got to start the ball rolling. I was even toying with the idea of calling it James Whale’s Cabinet because MPs could really learn something from listening to some of the people that we put together and the discussions we will have.”

He added that the downloads are quite different to his radio show. “You can say things when you’re podcasting that you cannot say when you’re broadcasting,” he said. “It’s more like eavesdropping on people sitting around talking. It’s the audio equivalent of TV’s After Dark.”

Wise Buddah Head of Content Simon Willis added: “Expect a lot more from where this came from. This is just the beginning of compelling content designed specifically for a digital Britain.”

James Whale has been on UK radio since the launch of Metro Radio in 1974 and has since worked at stations including Radio Derby, Radio Aire, talkSPORT and currently LBC where he does the drivetime show.

Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 at 2:21 pm by RadioToday UK

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