Presenter hosts show from a traffic jam

Magic 1152 breakfast presenter Anna Foster found herself broadcasting her entire show from her car after getting stuck in a jam at 5am.

Anna set off from her County Durham home at 4.30am for the 30 mile drive to work but with a mile of her journey to go she found herself grid locked on the normally deserted Askew Road in Gateshead.

With her 6am live on air time approaching she made a desperate call to station bosses to explain her predicament, as she explained: “I was starting to panic and to be honest it was a throw away suggestion to my boss that i could do the show from my car using my mobile phone. He agreed and hoping my battery would last the four hours we went live from what must have been the region’s biggest jam.

“There were hundreds of unlucky people stuck in the queue so I also had a live audience and some unusual ‘studio’ guests including Postmen and Police officers telling me their flood tales. There was a great spirit amongst the people and the hours flew by. I was convinced the jam would start moving but I finished my show drenched through at 10am in exactly the same place as where I had stopped at 5am.

“It was a surreal experience and I doubt I will ever do anything like this again. I had loads of texts and tweets from listeners saying how much they enjoyed the show and really felt they were at the centre of all the action. It just goes to show with a bit of determination and a decent phone battery anything is possible.”

Anna Foster with listener Niall Waldron from Cramlington who was also stuck in the jam on his way to work

Posted on Thursday, September 27th, 2012 at 3:52 pm by RadioToday UK

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