Local businesses support Global GMG deal

Various local businesses across the UK have offered their support for Global Radio’s complete takeover of the former GMG Radio business.

Out of the 20 latest responses posted on the Competition Commission website, most of them see no problem with the merger.

globalrealsmoothFor example, Bluestorm Design in Hull says radio competes for advertising spend across all media channels not just radio. “We also believe that Capital, Real and Smooth target very different audiences,” the company says.

“We believe that Global’s merger will increase investment in commercial radio for listeners in Yorkshire.”

The letters are similar across the country, with the manager of the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham writing “I believe the merger will enable Global to increase investment in commercial radio for listeners in the East Midlands”

Sir William Haughey OBE from City Refrigeration in Glasgow says: “I do not believe this merger in anyway would create a anti-competitive situation, in fact I am strongly of the belief that this will enhance the competition.”

And the General Manager of a shopping centre in Chester says: “Your findings seem to suggest that commercial radio stations only compete with each other for advertising spend. Realistically, many other media and advertising vehicles are both, readily available and already used by us.”

Click here for more responses to provisional findings and notice of possible remedies, including what Bauer Media thinks, and read what Global Radio suggests here.

Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2013 at 6:44 am by RadioToday UK

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