Big John gets co-host Janine hypnotised

Hallam FM’s Big John at Breakfast had his co-presenter Janine hypnotised on-air this morning, and tried to help her with her personal life.

Presenter John Harrison told RadioToday: “Janine has been waiting seven long years for her boyfriend to propose to her, and today local hypnotist Grant Saunders attempted to change Janine’s perception of the situation.

“Janine was briefly convinced that marriage was not on her personal agenda – especially as her boyfriend is still so close to Fizz from Coronation Street. Janine wasn’t upset about this – more philosophical, especially as boyfriend Steve works so often in “Weatherfield”. Or so Janine told me after her session.”

Hypnotist Grant said Janine had a strong mind, and was resistant to some of Big John’s other suggestions – she refused to believe her days on shopping channel Bid TV were actually on Babestation. Within the hour Janine was back to her normal self, and laughing off Big John’s attempts to interfere in her love life.

Posted on Thursday, June 20th, 2013 at 3:10 pm by RadioToday UK

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