Date set for Global Radio’s CC tribunal

The date has been set for the Global Radio v Competition Commission tribunal case event, set to take place in London next month.

A first Case Management Conference has been listed for 2pm on 3rd July 2013 to further debate Global Radio’s takeover of GMG Radio, now known as Real and Smooth Ltd.

Global Radio is challenging the Competition Commission on various judicial review grounds, saying the Commission failed to take reasonable steps to acquaint itself with relevant information to enable it to answer the statutory question referred to it, namely to determine whether the Transaction had resulted, or may be expected to result in a “substantial lessening of competition”.

Global Radio also claims the CC left them to gather key survey evidence for the purposes of the investigation, which it then rejected as deficient.

Globla Radio says the Commission erred in law in some of its findings, including in the North West, saying it had no evidential basis for the finding that advertisers primarily focused on Greater Manchester actually regarded the two regional stations (Real Radio and Smooth Radio) as an alternative option for their advertising purposes, and it failed to carry out any or any sufficient inquiry into the matter in view of the need to establish a “substantial” lessening of competition.

Global Radio is seeking an order referring the matter back to the Commission with a direction to reconsider and make a new decision and to pay costs it has reasonably incurred in bringing its tribunal application.

July 3rd is also when the RadioCentre Members Conference takes place, along with the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards.

Posted on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 at 11:42 am by RadioToday UK

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