Ofcom to advertise Sunrise Radio licence

Ofcom has received five ‘declarations of intent’ to apply for the commercial radio AM licence for Greater London held by Sunrise Radio.
It means the licence, using the 963AM and 972AM frequencies, will be fully re-advertised by the regulator on 5th August.
Declarations of intent have been received from the following companies:
• Asian FX Ltd
• London Air Radio Ltd
• Lyca Media II Ltd
• Sabras Radio Ltd
• Sunrise Radio (London) Ltd
Each of the five has paid over £80,000 to Ofcom to register their intent, comprising a £14,500 application fee and a deposit of £66,700 which will be refundable upon receipt of a valid application.
This re-advertisement will be open to all applicants and is not limited to the companies who have submitted a declaration of intent to apply.
Sunrise moved from 1458 in London when the licence was bought out from administrators earlier this year.

Posted on Thursday, July 24th, 2014 at 11:29 am by RadioToday UK

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