Lancashire's On The Wire reaches 30 years

BBC Radio Lancashire’s alternative music show On The Wire is celebrating running non-stop for 30 years this month.
The programme started in 1984 with presenter Steve Barker interviewing new and upcoming bands. Guests on the first few shows included Keith le Blanc and Depeche Mode.
The show reached cult status over the years and is now well-renowned across the globe, with listeners across Europe and into Asia and across the Americas but has not been without its turbulent moments along the way.
During a review of output in 1991, a new station manager decided to take the show off air but following a public uprising, it was saved by the BBC board. On The Wire was described as a ‘unique BBC product’ and fellow BBC DJ John Peel was a key figure in rescuing the show as was Martin Kelner who during his time with the Independent wrote in support of saving the show.
Read more about the show and its history in this week’s #eRADIO – the weekly UK radio industry newsletter – on Wednesday morning.

Posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 at 7:05 am by RadioToday UK

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