Ofcom to investigate over 50 community radio stations

A quarter of all community radio stations are to be investigated by Ofcom about not sticking to their Key Commitments.

In community radio terms, the Key Commitments is the equivalent of a Format for commercial stations, but the content is written by the stations themselves when they apply for a licence.

The regulator says it has launched investigations at 53 stations as a result of issues raised in the relevant Community Radio Licensees’ Annual Reports, which keeps Ofcom informed of what each station is doing.

Bill Best, Operations Manager of the Community Media Association tells us: “A number of stations that we have counselled informed us that they had misunderstood the reporting form and checked the wrong box in error. Furthermore, it is possible that some stations have not offset volunteer hours against advertising and sponsorship, and might appear to be in breach of the 50% restriction. We urge all member stations to contact the CMA if they require assistance with the Annual Return. The CMA looks to Ofcom for further guidance on this matter which we will disseminate to the sector”.

Some stations publish their reports on their own website. One station, Cross Rhythms Teesside, does little to hide the truth about it not broadcasting any local content, not taking on any work placements, not training ayn volunteers and not broadcasting any live or original programming.

The station should be broadcasting at least 5 hours per day live and local but instead it appears it is just a relay of Cross Rhythms Stoke-on-Trent.

The full list of stations being investigated are:

Ummah FM Community Interest Company Ummah FM

Afro Caribbean Millennium Centre New Style Radio 98.7 FM

Alive Christian Media Limited Alive Radio

Angel Radio Limited Angel Radio Havant

Awaz FM Limited Awaz FM

B.R.F.M. Bridge Radio Limited BRFM (Bridge FM)

BFBS Aldershot Limited BFBS (Aldershot)

BFBS Catterick Limited BFBS (Catterick)

BFBS Edinburgh Limited BFBS (Edinburgh)

BFBS Salisbury Plain Limited BFBS (Salisbury Plain)

Big City Radio CIC Big City Radio

Bradford Community Broadcasting Limited BCB 106.6 FM

Canterbury Youth and Student Media Limited CSR 94.7 FM

Castledown Radio Limited Castledown Radio

Community Broadcast Initiative Tyneside Limited NE1FM

Corby FM Limited Corby Radio

Coventry & Warwickshire Media Community Limited (CWMC) Radio Plus

Crescent Community Radio Limited Crescent Radio

Down Community Radio Limited Down FM

Drive 105 (Community Radio) Limited Drive 105 FM

Eclectic Productions UK Reprezent 107.3 FM

Fantasy Radio Limited Fantasy Radio

Glastonbury FM Community Interest Company Glastonbury FM

Halton Community Radio Halton Community Radio (HCR)

Huntingdon Community Radio (Media) Limited HCRfm

In2beats In2beats FM

Ipswich Community Radio Ipswich Community Radio

Kane FM Limited Kane FM

Leisure FM Limited Leisure FM

Lionheart Radio & Media Community Interest Company Lionheart Radio

Lisburn Community Radio Limited Lisburn City Radio

Llandudno Community Radio Limited Tudno FM

Mearns Community Radio Limited Mearns FM

Meridian FM Radio Meridian FM 107

Radio Asian Fever CIC Radio Asian Fever

Radio Fiza Limited Radio Faza 97.1 FM

Radio Ikhlas Limited Radio Ikhlas

Radio Winchcombe Limited Radio Winchcombe

Shine FM Shine FM

Sittingbourne Community Radio Limited SFM

Soundart Radio Limited Soundart Radio 102.5 FM

Speysound Radio Limited Speysound Radio

Sunny Govan Community Media Group Sunny Govan Radio

Tees Valley Christian Media Cross Rhythms Teesside

The Vibe Watford Limited Vibe 107.6 FM

Tulip Radio Limited Tulip Radio

Uckfield Community Radio Limited Uckfield FM

Ujima Radio CIC Ujima Radio

Verulam Community Radio Limited Radio Verulam

Voice of Africa Radio Voice of Africa Radio

West Hull Community Radio Limited West Hull Community Radio

Wirral Christian Media Limited Flame CCR

Wythenshawe Community Media Wythenshawe FM

Ofcom will inform us in due course if any of the investigations find any of the 53  stations in breach of their Key Commitments.

Posted on Monday, November 17th, 2014 at 1:03 pm by RadioToday

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