Steve Penk: I’ve launched a music channel

Lots of people are asking why I have decided to launch an Internet radio station and I thought RadioToday was a good place to explain.

My love of radio goes back to my teenage years when I would spend all my spare time listening to the radio and spending all my pocket money buying vinyl records. I remain as enthusiastic and love the radio industry as much now, in 2015, as I did when I first started as an enthusiastic and eager 16 year old.

Since selling 96.2 The Revolution in January last year I have remained unemployed.

The one single thing that originally drove me into radio was my love of music, I didn’t get into radio because I wanted to be famous or rich, I got into radio because I love music, and that love of music remains to this day. What I hear on the radio these days saddens me, the same songs programmed over and over again, day after day, week after week, month after month, time and time again.

Radio listeners aren’t fools, yet they are consistently treated like one.

Perhaps everyone who listens to the radio these days suffers from short term memory loss and therefore can’t remember what they heard yesterday, or last week, if that is the case, maybe today’s music radio is perfect for them. For me it’s boring and certainly not the reason I got into radio. When I listen to the radio I want to be surprised.

I have always spent my professional life being creative, and just because I haven’t got a job on the radio, that process doesn’t stop, you can’t just turn off your creative brain, especially if that’s what you’ve done everyday for the past 30 odd years. I am not the sort of person who can sit at home everyday watching daytime television, I have to do something, and in recent months I’ve launched a weekly Podcast, YouTube channel, and now an Internet radio station.

I’m doing the Internet radio station purely as a hobby, there is no financial gain for me, just my pure love of radio, and an attempt to offer something musically different, plus it gives me something to do everyday.

There will be no Wind Ups on this station, just a non stop 24 hour music station offering a wealth of variety and surprises along the way.

I hope my radio friends in the industry will have a listen, and perhaps one or two of them may be kind enough to give it a little plug on their radio show to help me spread the word. My internet radio station offers no threat to anyone, it’s tiny.

I love my new hobby, it gives me back my creativity and let’s me enjoy my passion for radio. It’s nothing more. Please have a listen, and share the link with your family and friends if you can.

One creative idea I want to try – I would love everyone who works on the radio (anywhere in the world) and is reading this, to record one single generic link for me, so I can add it to the radio station for a bit of fun.

Please email your link to RadioToday, who will then email those links on to me so I can add them to the Internet radio station. I hope you can help me, and thank you if you do.

Thanks everyone, best wishes, Steve Penk.

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