Rabbit killed on-air by Danish radio station

A Danish radio station has hit the headlines around the world after killing a baby rabbit live on-air.

The rabbit was beaten to death by a bike pump on Radio24syv by presenter Asger Juhl. He said he killed 9-month-old Allan in a bid to raise awareness about animal welfare issues.

A message on the station’s Facebook page says: “We knew that we would be accused of provocation. And yes, we indeed wanted to provoke the public and to stir a debate about the hypocrisy when it comes to perceptions of cruelty towards animals.

“But it is not an empty provocation; the presenters of the program ate the animal after killing it.”

It went on to say: “We wanted to expose the vast hypocrisy surrounding our relationship with animals. So far we have succeeded.”

Most of the responses online were from angry listeners and those who read about the news elsewhere.

Facebook replies to the video include “You are a sick man” “Should have your heads crushed in a vice” “Shoot yourselves. Idiots” and “Bastardo!”

Currently there are over 100 news articles published about the stunt, from Australia and Asia to Canada and America.

You can read the Facebook post below:

Every day in the nation of Denmark, thousands and thousands of animals are put down to fill the meat counters in our…

Posted by Radio24syv on Tuesday, 26 May 2015

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