Local couple get married live on Radio City

A Huyton couple have had their wedding broadcast live on the Radio City Breakfast Show with Leanne and Dave.

It all started five weeks ago when Tim Dwyer and Emma Corrigan entered an online competition on the Radio City website titled ‘Get me to The Venue on time’. Little did they know they would end up getting married live on air in front of hundreds of thousands of listeners.

After making it through to the final stage, Emma & Tim joined the Breakfast show on Thursday last week to find out they were both to be sent to a European Capital city – (Emma’s would be Rome and Tim would be going to London.) The challenge was that they both had to get themselves back to The Venue in Huyton by 8:30am the next day for a chance to get married live on the Breakfast show.

Tim was sent on his way to St. Pauls Cathedral and was ‘released’ that afternoon. His task was to get back to The Venue, the only catch being he had no money and no mobile phone and he was not allowed to contact anyone that he knew. Unbeknown to him at this stage, Emma wasn’t actually sent to Rome, she was actually being pampered at a spa in Knowsley.

Tim managed to get himself to Euston and blagged a London Midland train to Runcorn. He ordered a pizza so he could hop in with the delivery driver to Huyton!

After proving his love to get himself back Huyton he then found himself stood at the altar on Friday morning waiting to find out if his bride to be made it back on time too.

The wedding went ahead in-front of all their guests live across Liverpool on the Breakfast Show.

Photos from RadioCity

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Posted on Thursday, July 23rd, 2015 at 3:01 pm by RadioToday UK

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