Metro in breach for not advising text costs

Metro Radio 2 has been found in breach of the broadcasting code for not telling listeners how much texts to the station cost.

One listener complained that the presenter asked people to interact with the programme using a shortcode text service – charged at a premium rate – without stating the associated costs.

Metro admitted that, in error, an accompanying pre-recorded message referring listeners to the station’s website “for a full list of terms and conditions”, which included detailed price information, had not been broadcast.

The station also said that, although its presenters generally “highlighted the cost of texting the studio for general interaction” a ‘live read’ had not been broadcast on this occasion.

And although the programmes on Metro Radio 2 are shared with numerous other stations, the listener only referred to this station when making the complaint.

Ofcom told Metro that such a message, which neither included full pricing information nor even referred to it, would have been insufficient in this case and expects Metro to take greater care when inviting listener interaction in future.

The cost of texting the station has since been reduced to the cost of the text message only.

Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2015 at 11:05 am by RadioToday

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