RAB and RACC merge into new Radiocentre brand

It’s the end of the road for the RAB and RACC brands as the industry body Radiocentre gets a makeover.

All three departments will be simply known as Radiocentre from today, with the new branding unveiled by Radiocentre’s Chief Executive Siobhan Kenny at the body’s new radio conference, Tuning In, ahead of the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards tonight, also organised by Radiocentre.

The consolidation is designed to create clarity about the services and role of Radiocentre and make it easier for customers and members to access services, skills and Radiocentre is now made up of a policy team, an advertising team (formerly the RAB) and a clearance team (formerly the RACC). The organisation will still function in the same way, offering the same services and all staff will continue with their existing job titles and roles.

The new tagline for Radiocentre is Sound, Commercial, Sense.

Siobhan, who is our guest on the RadioToday Programme next week (July 15th) said the decision to consolidate and create the new brand identity had been done to reflect changing realities in the radio industry. “There is no doubt that radio is having a moment; both listeners and revenues are up and its traditional strengths of intimacy, localness and music discovery are timeless,” she said “ But the industry doesn’t sit still, nor does Radiocentre. Bringing together our functions into one holistic team makes our mission clearer in an increasingly crowded media landscape. Radiocentre will always give you sound commercial sense.”

Radiocentre also published a new policy document today (8 July) which urges the Government to review the legislative framework for radio, ensuring it does not inhibit growth in a multiplatform world. The document also calls for an urgent rewriting of excessive consumer protection regulation such as the warnings on financial product advertising which does little to protect consumers but deters advertisers from using radio.

The new brand identity was created by Thinkfarm. TWBA/London has been appointed by Radiocentre to create an advertising campaign to announce the changes.

Radiocentre history

1st Nov 1973

The Association of Independent Radio Companies (AIRC) is established as commercial radio’s trade body

May 18th 1992

The launch of the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) – funded by the commercial radio industry to guide national advertisers and their agencies towards effective advertising on commercial radio.

June 1996

Association of Independent Radio Companies (AIRC) renamed the Commercial Radio Companies Association (CRCA).

July 1996

Commercial Radio Companies Association sets up its own advertising clearance body, the Radio Advertising Clearance Centre (RACC)

July 1st 2006

The Commercial Radio Companies Association and the Radio Advertising Bureau merge to form RadioCentre, but the RAB retains its name.

July 2015

Radiocentre brings its customer facing departments together under one umbrella brand, meaning the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and Radio Advertising Copy Clearance (RACC) brands cease to exist as separate entities.


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