SoundCloud stops embedded Facebook players

SoundCloud has made some changes to the way links are displayed on Facebook, meaning an end to embedded audio on the social network.

The move comes not long after SoundCloud started using Twitter’s new audio cards to share music & audio in followers’ Twitter timelines on both iOS and Android devices.

With many radio stations using both services to spread their content from SoundCloud to the a wider audience, we asked SoundCloud the reasoning behind the recent move, and if it is permanent.

The company cited “recent sharing issues on Facebook” as the reason for the change, which now means Facebook users need to click through to SoundCloud to listen to hosted audio. SoundCloud says this offers a “much better experience” for users. Previously audio could be played without leaving a timeline.

Basic accounts on SoundCloud are free for restricted hours and rise to £8 per month for a Pro Unlimited package.

Alternative MixCloud also fails to embed audio with Facebook timelines but UK-based Audioboom does allow playing audio directly within from Facebook.

A SoundCloud spokesperson told RadioToday: “In response to recent sharing issues on Facebook, this month we implemented a change so that links shared to Facebook will not render into players, but will rather click through straight to your track’s page on SoundCloud to play there.

“This way, we can provide a much better experience for your listeners, and putting your profile and sounds front and center gives them more opportunities to engage with your sounds. We’re also working closely with Facebook to make sure we continue to find the best experience for our users in the future.”

Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2015 at 12:39 pm by RadioToday UK

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