Brian Eno booked for the John Peel Lecture

The BBC Music John Peel Lecture at the Radio Festival 2015 will play host to musician and artist Brian Eno, introduced by Mark Radcliffe.

The Radio Academy event will kick off on Sunday 27th September at the British Library in London where Brian Eno will seek to demonstrate how the whole complex of individuals and institutions engaged in culture – artists, broadcasters, gallerists, promoters, DJs, managers, lawyers, fans – are symbiotically connected parts of a single huge organism which we call Culture. The Academy says he will outline some of his thinking on this very ecology and explore the inter-connective relationships between the elements and components that combine to create our culture, and show how cultural processes confer essential and important benefits on society.

Brian Eno said: “I’m honoured to be invited to do a talk in the name of John Peel, a man who had a profound effect on my musical life and indeed my becoming a musician at all. His career as a non-musician who altered the course of music has been an inspiration to me and forms the basis of this talk.”

The annual John Peel Lecture has been a part of Radio Festival since 2011. Last year, Iggy Pop spoke about free music in a capitalist society. The lecture will be broadcast live from 7pm on 6 Music as part of a special Sunday schedule. And it will be filmed for BBC Four.

Chris Burns, Chair of The Radio Academy, said: “2015 is a very exciting year for Radio Festival and we’re delighted to confirm Brian Eno for the annual John Peel Lecture. Brian has a wealth of insight and knowledge to share and his Lecture will be a thrilling start to a wonderful three days.”

Bob Shennan, Director BBC Music and Controller of Radio 2, 6 Music and Asian Network, said: “We are honoured that Brian Eno will be delivering this year’s BBC Music John Peel Lecture. Over many decades, he has inspired, influenced and had huge impact on music and musicians around the world. The subject he has chosen for the lecture will undoubtedly be thought-provoking, insightful and generate further debate.”

Posted on Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 at 1:16 pm by RadioToday

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