Global’s Radio X trademark application opposed

The registration of Radio X as a trademark with the IPO in four different categories has been opposed, meaning the station could be forced to change its name.

The Intellectual Property Office has published details of the opposition on its website, covering two UK applications and two EU applications.

Each contains one for the image/logo and one for the name, in classes 09 35 38 41. Briefly, 9 covers audio and video records, 35 covers radio advertising, 38 is for radio broadcasting services and 41 is entertainment services.

The IPO website does not mention who has made the objections, but RadioToday understands it may be a reaction of the already established Exeter station Radio Exe.

Radio Exe has been silent on the situation since Radio X launched with a similar sounding name in September. The independent station owns the IP of “Radio Exe and similar sounding marks” in the above categories.

Global will now need to either stop using the name, or challenge the decision.

We contacted Radio Exe but station management were unavailable for comment, whilst we had not heard back from Global at the time of publishing.

Posted on Monday, November 23rd, 2015 at 3:21 pm by RadioToday UK

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