Ofcom closes 19 radio stations in North London

Ofcom has closed down 19 pirate radio stations in Haringey during 2014, and has a plan to save Londoners £1m a year across the rest of the capital.

The regulator wants to team up with local authorities across the capital to replicate its success in North London “By quickly removing their transmitters and regularly patrolling and securing rooftops, pirate radio has now been eradicated in the borough,” Ofcom says.

As a result, Homes for Haringey has saved £90,000 in enforcement and maintenance costs over the past year.

Tomorrow, 3 November, Ofcom is meeting with local authorities from across London to share the success of the Homes for Haringey partnership. If this collaborative and proactive approach is rolled out across the capital, Ofcom says local authorities stand to save an estimated total of £1 million per year.

Clive Corrie, Head of Ofcom’s Spectrum Enforcement team, said: “Illegal broadcasting harms local communities and risks lives by interfering with vital communications used by the emergency services and air traffic control.

“By working in partnership with local authorities, Ofcom is tackling this problem. We also strongly urge those broadcasting illegally to get involved with internet or community radio, a legitimate route on to the airwaves.”

Posted on Monday, November 2nd, 2015 at 11:11 am by RadioToday

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