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Ariel moves behind internal BBC Gateway

The BBC’s internal news site Ariel is no longer available via the internet.

For the past four years, ever since the magazine went online only, the latest articles have been available to view on bbc.co.uk/ariel but an article posted recently informs readers of the change.

It will only be available to view if you are logged on and can access the BBC’s intranet – Gateway.

“The latest change sees Ariel becoming a true internal channel for the first time in its long history, available only to BBC employees via Gateway. Not printed, not given to the public but, by us, and exclusively for us. That’s pretty special.

“It is an internal channel, written by BBC people, for BBC people.”

Ariel has been in publication for almost 80 years, reporting on BBC news and life at the corporation. It is most famous for its publication of unedited ‘Letters to the Editor’.

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