Simon Cowell supports the Global Academy

The Global Academy, a new university technical college for 800 students, has gained support from Simon Cowell.

The new facility, operated by Global, opens in September and will offer practical training in the broadcast and digital media industries alongside GCSEs and A-Levels.

Simon Cowell has recorded an interview about the Academy, and some of the quotes are below. Marvin Humes, Jenni Falconer, Vernon Kaye, Dan O’Connell, Dave Berry and Jez Welham have also recorded advice.

Here’s what Simon had to say:

(On his own experience of school): “There wasn’t a single person when I was at school, who I would say, did connect the dots with what I was doing at school and what I was going to go through in my life. … When I was at school I was incredibly naïve…I didn’t know much about the world to be honest with you…when you know too much, you could tend to do things in a hurry – the good thing about how I made a career was I was patient. I would say to anybody still today, if you’re gonna be good at something it does take a while – just enjoy the getting there.”

(On The Global Academy): “When I heard about The Global Academy for the first time, I was like kind of like find me a time machine and I’ll go back to being at school again. That was what I needed, I need something like that, where it could teach me and prepare me for what I wanted to do next in my life. Everyone deserves that one shot. When you leave school, you should be able to do a job you enjoy, with people who are going to mentor you and want you to succeed, because we all deserve that opportunity. I think what The Global Academy is going to do is open the doors and give people a chance to share that. And you never know, I might be one of the teachers!”


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Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 at 11:13 am by RadioToday UK

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