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Radio King service expands to English markets

French radio platform Radio King is launching its services internationally, aiming at the English language market.

Radio King already hosts 1300 radio stations, and works with 50 FM radio stations, providing a way to create a streaming radio service in the cloud.

Co-founder and CEO of Radio King, Maxime Piquette, wants to develop radio in the media of the future: “Radio producers have become aware of the interest in offering a unique and memorable experience to listeners thanks to dedicated and high performing tools.

With the growth of digitalization, radio stations today must be able to accompany their listeners beyond the confines of the car. This translates to the mobile application on the street, on the Internet site at work or even integration in the home with Apple TV! With Radio King we want to equip radio stations to create and evolve this accessible media along with us”.

Radio King also provides websites and mobile apps in addition to cloud-based playout systems.

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